37 Most Adorable Beyoncé And Jay Z Moments Of 2013

Every moment was a hallmark moment.

1. That time they were watching the game together and looked up at the screen at the same exact time!

Scott Halleran / Getty Images Entertainment

2. That time they looked perfect while laughing at the Grammy Awards.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images Entertainment

3. That time they smooched on the cheek because they are so in love.

4. That time they got dressed up for the premiere of Beyoncé’s Life Is But A Dream documentary and looked flawless.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images Entertainment

5. That time they were having fun with their friends and Bey posed like this:

6. That time Jay Z got jealous and checked to see who was texting Bey.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images Entertainment

7. That time Jay Z escorted his lady to the presidential inauguration to perform.

Win McNamee / Getty Images News

8. That time they went to the 40/40 club.

Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

9. That time Jay Z photo bombed this woman’s picture and Beyoncé held her hands to her face laughing.

10. That time they were acting really cool with Pharrell and they both put their hands in their pockets.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images Entertainment

11. That time Bey rubbed Jay’s back and smiled.

12. That time they turned up in Cuba and Beyoncé looked colorful and amazing.

Enrique De La Osa / Reuters / Reuters

13. And when they were being all touristy in the streets of Havana.

AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa

14. That time they made baby talk with Alicia Key’s son Egypt.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

15. That time they sat next to each other watching the Made In America Festival performances in Philly.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images Entertainment

16. That time they had a private dinner and Beyoncé sat on Jay’s lap drinking wine and Jay looked like a giddy teenager.

17. And when they took this perfect selfie after dinner.

18. That time he swept her off her feet in front of the Berlin Wall.

19. That time they posed, in matching glasses, for this picture:

20. That time they walked down the hall having champagne looking into each other’s eyes.

21. And moments later when Jay showed off his bling as Bey watched.

22. That time they had champagne on the street in similar outfits.

23. That time they took a break from villa life to take this sassy photo:

24. That time Beyoncé took this picture of Jay Z holding Blue Ivy and it was the most adorable picture ever.

25. That time they were having some tropical fun in the sun and Bey causal showed the world she was Mrs. Carter.

26. That time Bey dramatically walked toward her man and he stood there, love stuck, waiting for his woman.

27. Then when he rapped to her and she smiled the cutest smile.

28. And when she danced for him as he rapped to her and they made eye contact the whole entire time.

29. That time Jay put his arm around his girl to signal to the world once more that she was in fact taken.

30. That time they wore sunglasses and took a romantic selfie on the beach.

31. That time Beyoncé uploaded this adorable picture of Jay Z on her Instagram and appropriately asked us to bow down.

32. That time they were incredibly cute onstage and kissed like they were an old married couple.

33. That time they went on a date in the city and Jay looked like Mr. Big.

34. That time they laughed really hard with their friend and Jay patted him on the back.

35. That time they had way too much fun at that party and Beyoncé that face and still looked perfect.

36. That time Beyoncé named her world tour The Mrs. Carter Show to show she loves her hubby.

37. And that time the entire Carter family were on that yacht in the middle of the sea and the sunset.

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