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13 Celebrity Art Vines You Need To See Now

Art, Vine, and Celebrity. Celebrity, Art, and Vine.

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1. This stunning display of Miley Cyrus twerking on canvas.

2. This insane clown in bed with the Sex In the City ladies really is the best thing since Warhol's campbell soup moment.

3. Nicolas Cage on body is an ode to Mona Lisa on canvas

Nicolas Cage losing his shit Art

4. Jean-Claude Van Damme clearly invented performance art

5. This Lana Del Rey fountain takes sculpture to some next level shit.

6. This Seinfield was clearly inspired by The Scream

7. This Walter White and Jesse Pinkman is post-modern pointillism

8. The fountains of Rome aint got shit on the cosmopolitan Carrie Bradshaw for the modern girl.

9. Kurt Cobain dressed as Steven P. Jobs walking through Monica and Chandler's apartment might as well be a Picasso, Baby.

10. This hipster, his cat, and Michael Jordan is obviously inspired by the Girl with a Pearl Earring

11. This Paris Hilton is causally asking Annie Leibovitz to step her game up

12. This Shia LaBeouf should be a part of the next Venice Biennale

13. This Lindsay Lohan masterpiece is so beyond words it puts the 7 wonders of the world to shitty shame, especially The Statue of Zeus at Olympus

And no matter what celebrity is on your guest list, always invite Dorothy.