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This Inspiring Letter From A 10-Year-Old Is The Perfect Way To Start Your Week

The future will be awesome.

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Tobias Bass defines brotherly love. Although only 10 years old, he was determined to help his older brother Titus, who has cerebral palsy, play outside like other kids. Here's the letter he sent in to his local news station. The future is looking bright.

Full Text:

"Dear Mr. Kelly Ogle and Amanda Taylor,

Hi my name is Tobias Bass. I am 10 years old and a A student at Ida Freeman in Edmond. I hear you guys on the news sometimes when something bad happens to someone telling Oklahomans to send money to a bank to bury someone or for kids who parents has died. Well no one has died and I don't want any money but I need help. My pastor said we have to be Gods hands and feet but I'm going to be his legs to. My brother is 11 and has cerebral palsy and is deaf and lost his stomach last year. He cries when he sees kids playing outside and wants to go to. So I decided I would start by pushing him in a 5k and we would work our way up to a ironman contest someday. So our first 5k where I push him is Friday night at John Marshall High School on September 27 at 6:00.

Heres the part I need help with. My mom is a teacher and can't afford one of those fancy running pushing joggers and all I have to use is a baby pushing stroller. I don't think it will fit Titus my brother. Can you go on the news and not ask Oklahomans to give me anything but can someone loan me a jogger pusher so I can push Titus in the 5k?

I have been in Jujitsu since I was 5 and playfoot ball for Edmond all sports so I'm physically ready. I am going to be a pastor someday and my mentor is pastor Craig Grochel of Life Church so I'm spiritually prepared."

Watch the whole report here.

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