13 Animals That Are Far Richer Than You

Trust fund pet$. Ranked lowest to highest, these animals actually have more money than you.

1. Silverstone, Net Worth: $40,000.

Silverstone is 50 years old, and his inheritance from Christina Foyle, owner of Foyles bookshop, will make sure he lives out the rest of his days in the lap of luxury.

2. Minter, Juice, and Callum, Net Worth: $81,000.

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen left his three dogs the money for upkeep.

3. Bubbles, Net Worth: $2 million.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Michael Jackson left Bubbles $2 million dollars in his will.

4. Conchita, Lucia, and April Marie, Net Worth: $3 million.

MCT /Landov

Heiress Gail Posner left her three Chihuahuas, cash, diamond dog accessories, and an $8 million mansion.

5. Flossie, Net Worth: $3 million.

Flossie saved Drew Barrymore and Tom Green from their burning house. Her reward was the $3 million dollar house she saved.

6. Betty White’s pets, Net Worth: $5 million.

Morris Animal Foundation

Betty White plans to leave a big chunk of change to her pets.

7. Tammaso, Net Worth: $13 million.

Tammaso was a homeless kitty before he was adopted by Maria Assunta, and left a ton of dough.

8. Gigoo, Net Worth: $20 million.

Miles Blackwell made his fortune publishing books, and gave all that book money to his hen.

9. Blackie, Net Worth: $25 million.

Blackie’s owner left him everything and her relatives nothing. It should be noted Blackie’s whereabouts are unknown.

10. Oprah’s dogs, Net Worth: $30 million.

O Magazine

Oprah reportedly has $30 million dollars set aside for her dogs so they can continue living the good life after she dies.

11. Kalu, Net Worth: $80 million.


Kalu’s owner British aristocrat Patricia O’Neill waited until her husband was away to change her will to leave Kalu everything (the couple divorced soon after).

12. Toby Rimes, Net Worth: $92 million.

Toby’s wealth dates back to 1931 when one of his family members inherited $20 million from New York socialite and real estate heiress Ella Wendel.

13. GUNTHER IV, Net Worth: $373 million.

Gunther IV inherited the cash from his canine father who inherited his millions from his owner German Countess Karlotta Libenstein. Gunther IV’s people bought a $3 million mansion from Madonna. So that makes Gunther IV the owner of the house.

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