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25 Signs Art Is Everything To You

Art; it becomes you.

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1. You get really annoyed when people go and only see the "famous" paintings.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

2. You work your art history degree into every conversation.

3. Every picture on your Instagram feed is a work of conceptual art or #artselfie.

4. You only wear black because you are SO DEEP.

5. You know more than the guest lecturer or tour guide.

Werc Werk Works / Via

6. You get really excited when your outfit matches the art.

7. When someone tells you they're a performance artist, you quickly change the subject.

8. You refer to curators and art critics by their first names.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images
Jemal Countess / Getty Images

"Klaus" Bisenbach is the Director of MoMA PS1 and "Jerry" Saltz is the art critic for New York Magazine.

9. You model for portrait drawings at every opportunity.

ABC / Via

10. When someone says, I'm really into art, you want to hurl.

11. You are only seen at the VIP openings.

The Image Gate / Getty Images

12. You look at art like this:

13. Artforum > The New York Times.


14. All of your friends are artists, curators, or gay men.

Shawn Smith / Via

15. You couldn't possibly have a favorite artist because there are just too MANY!

Micaël Reynaud / Via

16. You judge people by their tote bags.

17. You judge people who actually exit through the gift shop.

18. You know the best openings have FULL and OPEN bars.

19. When "Picasso Baby" comes on you make this face:

20. True Life: Art Basel Miami.

21. But when someone asks you how Art Basel was...

22. You hate James Franco with hot heaping hunks of hate.

23. You declare the end of artists careers.

Fox / Via

24. When someone says, let's go see a show, you tell them you've already been.

Fox / Via

25. You start conversations about art to WIN THEM.

But you own the snobbery because art is awesommmmme.

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