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How This Entrepreneur Proved That You Can Travel And Live A Rich Life

Chris Vitalis' story from being a college dropout to traveling the world while making a living.

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Distinguishing Yourself from the Dishonest Marketers

On many bucket lists you will find that a lot of people want to travel the world. Reality usually strikes and they realize that they can't because they're not financially free and they have to go back to work the next day. Plus in most cases it's just not practical.

There's many marketers who show off their so-called “Laptop Lifestyle” and “making millions while sitting on the beach” posts on social media. They try to convince you that all this is possible with a just few hours of work per week and yet they don’t have solid results to back it up. Just by looking at their social profiles you can tell that most are scams and because of that your belief in that type of life will go down. However the reality is - the laptop lifestyle is completely possible.

JC Vitalis on the other hand is different from the rest. His posts are about traveling and freedom but he also gives honest answers and advice towards this lifestyle. He shows how his “hard work” has helped him achieve the lifestyle he has today. He discusses the fact that this is a process that needs hard work, commitment, and proper mentorship to succeed and to continue living that lifestyle.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to JC Vitalis (Chris Vitalis) who is a Travel and Freedom advisor. Chris has clients who he advises on travel and freedom. He says "We have freedom, but we are not enjoying it. We’re just surviving day to day, rather than living our life to the fullest, due to various circumstances."

I was curious about how he started his journey and he said “I started as a content writer for a mere $5 online, after dropping out from my Master’s degree. I felt that things needed to be changed and I started my own business which by now has paid off. I currently run 3 businesses with over 50 full-time employees.”

Chris started to live life on his own terms once he started his own digital marketing company based in New York. His posts on various social media platforms have gone viral due to his honest answers and advice. With various online posts and amazing descriptions, you’ll know that Chris is a hardcore traveler. You can check out his Instagram profile where he showcases how his hard work has helped him achieve certain milestones.

His best achievements include working with business giants like Microsoft and Emirates.

Chris has a unique way of acquiring clients - he chooses who his clients will be, and not the other way around. When a potential client approaches him for marketing purposes, he asks series of questions as he needs to know the product in depth before he could even consider accepting them as a client.

He says that one needs to be very clear with the questions he asks. Chris needs to know what the client business is exactly and how it stands out from others.

He believes in quality work and only then asks for payment. The latest features on his website include pay per call and video creation at a very low price.

I asked him why is he so passionate about what he does to which his instant reply was “freedom, money, and travel”. He says “I like to have freedom and travel a lot for which I’ll need sufficient money, so, I need financial freedom”. For many it's a dream come true to achieve a life like this. Because most are doing their job at a 9-5 which if the person hates their job - it's a nightmare.

Chris plans on expanding his workplace, the distribution of his companies to reach a global scale to reap the massive benefits. Plus Chris loves helping people and dislikes dishonest marketers.

To reach a certain goal in life, you need mentors. While you can learn things from scratch and make it all by yourself, having a mentor will cut short the journey to achieve what you need in less time compared to working your way up. Chris says that you need hard-core dedication, enthusiasm, and motivation in order to achieve what he did. With constant support and advice from Chris, who has already made it, a lot more people out there have a chance to make their lives better.

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