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How This Entrepreneur Built A Multimillion Dollar Concierge Company In 3 Years

Jan Jens story of moving to Miami from Germany and starting a luxury Concierge Service/ Villa and Vacation Rental Service

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Starting a Business is Easy. Scaling is the Hard Part.

Starting a business is very easy but growing it and scaling the business in a short time needs a great deal of work ethic, quality connections and several other factors. If you rely solely on hard work in building your business then you are most likely to experience stress and burnout which will actually make you less efficient. Businesses that offer services that are deemed as “high ticket” grow fast by building good relationships and providing great customer service. One such industry is Concierge Industry. Concierge / Villa and Vacation Rental companies usually charge around $2,500 - $25,000 per day to rent out a mansion and their annual membership fee usually is in the 5- figure range.

If you ever wanted to rent a mansion for a vacation or an occasion, you probably would have reached out to a concierge company or a villa/vacation rental. For those who don’t know, this is how the super-rich and celebrities plan their vacation. When you hire a concierge company, they look after all the requirements so you don’t have to hire somebody else again for other stuff related to your event.

They make sure everything is in place and usually deliver good customer service. I got an opportunity to interview Jan Jens who built a multi-million dollar concierge company within 2 years of starting it.

Jan's Beginnings

Jan Jens hails from Hamburg Germany and later moved to Miami to start his own concierge company called Jatina Group whose clientele includes celebs like Justin Bieber, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kylie Jenner, Drake etc. They offer concierge services and also exotic cars and yacht rental services. They have already made over 1-million in sales through Airbnb and are estimating to cross 3.5 million in revenue for 2017. Jan says that majority of their business is done by renting mansions and they have over 30 mansions as part of their concierge services / villa and vacation rentals in Miami.

He got started by experiencing a very bad customer service from a concierge company. He says “In 2014, I traveled to Miami for a 3-week vacation and rented out a villa from a concierge service. Their customer service was so bad that they were not even responding to my calls when I was using their service. I saw an opportunity in this and I thought that being a German by birth, my eye for perfection and detail will definitely help if I started a concierge service”

His dad owns a construction business in Germany which was doing 75 million per annum in 2014. He took a bold decision and decided to leave Germany for the USA to start his concierge company. He moved to Miami and he started selling door to door to rent houses for vacation and later started reaching out to Influencers and Celebrities through Instagram. His major breakthrough was getting connected to Quincy Brown who helped him scale his business by getting him and his company known to the celebrities in the Music Industry. He built great connections with them and landed big names like Drake, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg etc. as his clients. Jatina group’s Instagram account @jatinagroup is filled with posts of amazing mansions, yachts, and exotic cars.

I asked him what is the key ingredient to his success as a luxury concierge to which he replied “Attention to details! My team and I make sure that everything is perfectly setup and is at the right place. We over deliver in terms of paying attention to the little things that create a lasting impression and this has helped us deliver great customer experience. Our customers love these minute things and appreciate them. These factors helped us with “word of mouth” publicity which gained more customers and continues to do so.” He says that ““Luxury is Attention to Detail, Originality, Exclusivity, and above all Quality” which is the motto of our company”

Luxury is Attention to Detail, Originality, Exclusivity, and above all Quality

Jan believes that building good connections and providing great customer service have been major factors in the company growth. In fact, companies these days spend a lot on marketing and advertising yet forget to focus on the most important thing, which is, “Customer Experience”. Customers, if treated properly can bring us more customers which means more business.

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