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How This 22-Year Old Entrepreneur Brought Innovation To The Food And Auto Sector

Learn from David Zhao - a serial entrepreneur.

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Sustaining a Business is All About Bringing Innovation to Various Industries

Starting, owning, and maintaining a successful product or business means not focusing only on the beginning stages of a company. It is not getting the product up and running, and then letting it be with no change. This plan can actually cause a decrease in productivity, profit, and overall success. A fate that can be easily amended by implementing change and innovation.

Take 10 years into perspective. 10 years ago today, flip phones were still the norm, and flickering internet speeds were a constant occurrence. Now? Retinal scanners and facial recognition are on the brink of being implemented into every smartphone. Internet speeds—depending on location—can be faster than the speed of sound.

This is all brought on by innovation. The desire to improve upon what there is now.

However, innovation is not limited to technology, and the workings of the interweb. It can range from fashion to architecture, or art to comfort. In David Zhao’s case, the car and restaurant industries are his passion projects.

David Zhao is an entrepreneur, investor, and activist originally from Shanghai, China. He is currently the Managing Partner of NXT Group, and American conglomerate company headquartered in New York City. This company has many diversified businesses including; NXTFactor—a full-service digital agency making over $15M in online revenue for clients and partners, NXTEstate—a real estate investment portfolio, NXT Local—for local businesses such his restaurant Chubby Cattle, and NXT Auto Club—a luxury & exotic car sharing community.

He independently managed digital marketing services for several clients before founding his own eCommerce Platform-MoreViews Inc. in 2007, while serving on the board of several non-profits throughout the upcoming years.

David is a firm believer that owning and sustaining a business is all about bringing innovation to various industries. Through his restaurants, and car programs, he is constantly focused on evolving concepts that combine tradition and technology.

Breakthrough Restaurant Concept

When launching his restaurant with his partner, Haibin Yang from Inner Mongolia, the duo focused on making a unique, and novelty food and dining area, which bridged the gap between Chinese culture and the American community.

They began by designing an innovative restaurant concept—Chubby Cattle—which just celebrated their one year anniversary in Las Vegas with celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern. The interesting part of this restaurant? It’s furnished with the first-ever refrigerated conveyer belt—meaning fresh food is delivered straight to your table via conveyer belt, ready for you to cook.

Customers are able to choose from or combine Chinese, Mongolian, and Tibetan dishes, while personally selecting every ingredient that will go in their in-table hot pots.

With the digitalized menu, customers are able to enjoy a seamless process of ordering dishes and ingredients for their hotspots, with the option to choose a buffet plate, for end-of-meal delivery.

In one year, David and his partners are looking into bringing potentially fully-automated restaurants—meaning no humans necessary in the entire restaurant, except for customers.

Now, David Zhao and Haibin Yang have 8 locations on the way, all to be opened before the year ends, with more concepts and locations on the horizon.

Modern Car Ownership

David has always loved cars, with a special spot in his heart for electric models. This is a factor he shares with his closest friends. However, acquiring and getting ahold of the newest or highly publicized model they saw was proving to be quite difficult. Thus, the idea for NXT Auto Club was born.

Rather than signing mounds of extensive contracts when leasing a new vehicle for years at a time—with the constant worry of getting into an accident and damaging the vehicle, or making the commitment to just one car for even longer by purchasing, David and his partners came up with an entirely new concept.

With NXT Auto Club, members are joining a club that allows them to access to countless models, brands, and styles of luxury vehicles that they can exchange or swap out as many times as they would like at the same or less cost than what they’re currently paying to own and maintain their cars.

By simply paying a monthly membership, members can drive every car their heart desires at the times when they actually need a car, without committing to the leases or contracts of regular car dealerships. The NXT Auto Club is also launching a mobile app for its members to easily reserve and drop off cars in the metro areas. If you’re not enrolled as a member, you can also book their exotic vehicles with a daily or weekly rate.

Through this unique membership program, David Zhao is not only able to give consumers countless opportunities to explore and learn, but also completely changing the way people own cars, potentially even impacting the heavy volume of cars in garages and carbon emission in highly populated areas, such as New York City or Los Angeles.

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