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    I Got My Colleagues To Play This Reaction Game And The Results Were Electrifying

    Please don't tell HR.

    Depending on how sadistic you, your friends or family were in the 00's, you may well remember that 'electric shock' games were a *thing* for a while. Well, they were in the Argos catalogue for at least a year.

    So I thought I would get my colleagues to play one of the games I remember the least fondly, to see if it is just as nerve-wrackingly tense almost a decade later.

    Spoiler: it is.

    - 4 players, each holding one of the controllers.

    - White button in the middle of the central unit is pressed

    - Unit flashes red for a random amount of time

    - When unit flashes green everyone must press the button on their controller

    - Last person to press receives an electric shock and leaves the game

    There are also 4 levels of shock.

    Choose the player who you think has the slowest reaction speed and got the shock of their lives:

    Thank you to everyone who participated. As a token of my gratitude here is a slow motion Vine (with sound) of Casey receiving that last shock:

    All images © Antonia Bonello