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    • antoniaarcellap

      I really appreciate that a few of the buzzfeed girls mentioned how difficult it was to actually do the photoshoot. Models work very hard, not just on their bodies but also on their work - its not easy to hit those poses for hours on end, in harsh conditions, but they do it, they work hard at building the muscle memory to recreate the right poses when there are no mirrors to check themselves in, and let the photographers and editors take care of the rest. There is only so much an editor can do with a photo if the model doesn’t do her job right. Its hard, and they deserve a level of respect that they really arent getting with the current movement. They work on themselves and they work on the clock to create these magazine worthy images that sell. Is it their fault that’s what consumers are buying ? No, would they like to have a cheat week and eat whatever they want and skip the gym? Yes, but they can’t or they’ll risk their careers over it. Respect them, even if you don’t resemble them personally. They work hard to be what they are.

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