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10 Music Videos Tackling Mental Health Stigma

People relate to different things in a song, whether it's a super catchy tune, bass-heavy beats or a great riff, there's usually a different part that appeals for everyone. However, one thing that unites everyone is a relatable lyric. These videos all have that one thing in common and are helping break the stigma around mental health.

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1. Stephanie Rainey - 100 Like Me

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"There must be another hundred like me / Tell me, tell me, tell me / I'm not the only one hiding"

Stephanie Rainey's compassionate new video comprises of thirteen, totally unique strangers with their own stories of mental illness issues to tell. It features acclaimed mental health vloggers, Laura Lejeune and Jonny Benjamin MBE.

2. Rihanna - Disturbia

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“It’s a thief in the night / To come and grab you / It can creep up inside you / And consume you / A disease of the mind / It can control you”

Disturbia sounds like a classic dance-pop hit but read between the lines and you'll realise Rihanna's singing about something much darker.

3. Demi Lovato - Warrior

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“I’ve got shame, I’ve got scars / That I will never show / I’m a survivor / In more ways than you know”

Made even more poignant when you know Demi Lovato is in recovery from an eating disorder and bipolar.

4. Green Day - 'Wake Me Up When September Ends'

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"Here comes the rain again / Falling from the stars / Drenched in my pain again / Becoming who we are"

The song was written about the period of depression lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, went through after his father died on September 1st. Its overarching message is a positive one though, suggesting you will come through when September ends.

5. Bleachers - I Wanna Get Better

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"I didn't know I was broke until I wanted to change / I wanna get better!"

The video shows a whole host of characters in therapy, revealing a number of issues about themselves. Great song to shout along to when you're feeling rubbish.

6. Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

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"I am beautiful / No matter what they say / Words can't bring me down"

What. A. Tune. Christina deals with issues like bullying, depression, homophobia and gender confusion (way ahead of its time). Hats off to Christina for such an empowering video.

7. Nine Inch Nails / Jonny Cash - Hurt

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"I hurt myself today / To see if I still feel"

The song includes references to self-harm and heroin addiction. Some listeners think the song describes the difficult process of finding a reason to live in spite of depression and pain.

8. Florence & The Machine - Shake It Out

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"Regrets collect like old friends / Here to relive your darkest moments / I can see no way, I can see no way / And all of the ghouls come out to play"

Florence sings about depression in a seriously moving way. However, the positive message is really strong, as she demands everyone to "shake it out, shake it out".

9. Sia - Breathe Me

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"Help, I have done it again / I have been here many times before"

Huge tearjerker, addressing relateable issues with a moving video made entirely of polaroids.

10. Best Coast - Feeling OK

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"When I get down, I get so down / But I'll keep trying to stay this way / I know it's love that's got me feeling ok"

Hiding a serious subject in poppy melodies is something many artists have done but few have done it as well as Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast. She's been a mental health advocate since the start of her musical career.

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