Exfoliation: What It Really Can Do For You

Since I started exfoliating 4 years ago, I've seen a major alternation in my skin: I no longer have blackheads, my skin is smoother, I need less and it looks more healthy than it's ever looked. Exfoliating can provide you with a fresh skin in a matter of minutes! Sloughing off dead, dull surface cells exposes a brand new, younger-looking, smooth and even layer of skin cells that absorb and reflect light, so lines look softer and skin glows. (If light hits a smooth surface it bounces off as a perfect, even reflection; when it hits a tough surface it creates shadows and the surface looks duller and older.) Exfoliation may also actually speed the cell renewal rate by 30%. Here's why: Every twenty-five to thirty days your skin renews itself -- it sloughs off its outermost layer around one million dull, dried-out dead cells (among the 100 million cells on your face) and replaces it with an all-new layer of healthy moisture-plumped cells which have been generated deep in the dermis. This natural sloughing process slows naturally as you become older and, in addition, it's hindered through the ravages of the environment -- sun, wind, pollution, dirt and makeup, which combine to age the topmost layer of cells faster than new cells can be achieved to replace them. Thus, old-looking surface cells linger longer than they should and provide your skin a dull, lifeless appearance, to say nothing of disturbing the generation of new cells. This is where exfoliation comes in.