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    • AnthonyRizzo

      We should remember the name of the show is called, faking it. The show is about these high school kids dealing with issues that affect them in ways that they don’t really understand yet; and that they have trouble accepting to themselves, therefore the title of the show. Carter Covington made it clear Karma and Amy love each other. This love is central to the story of the show but he also made it clear that each young lady has a journey to go through.  For Amy her path to self-discovery began when she had to kiss Karma in order to convince the school that their relationship was real. This was a selfless act on Amy’s part. It was not staged by Karma as are most of the other public displays of their fake lesbian relationship. It was an outflowing of Amy’s love for Karma. It makes perfect sense that it would start Amy’s path to self-discovery. How far would you go for a friend? And do you love that person enough to take it to the next level? At this point Amy has had no chance to explore her sexuality. She is finally aware of how far she is willing to go for her friend. She wants to take it to the next level. Before Karma she never felt this way about anyone, male or female. At this point for Amy it’s all about Karma and no one else. But that puts Karma at a disadvantage. Karma is not at the same stage of emotional development as Amy. Karma cares what other people think of her. Karma doesn’t want to be on the fringes. Karma is afraid of being ordinary. For Amy her relationship with Karma was enough to get her through high school but for Karma at least at this point it is not enough. Amy gave Karma plenty of opportunities to catch on to how she felt for her. Clues that any best friend would quickly grasp but throughout the whole season Karma was not focused on Amy;  She was focused on becoming popular. Karmas priorities were about herself, her own insecurities and how she felt she had to deal with them. Karma wasn’t being a best friend so how could she possibly be Amy’s true love. Karma has to learn what is most important to her first. She has to be willing to sacrifice everything for what she values most and if that one thing that she values most is Amy then it is at that point that Karma will finally feel for Amy what Amy feels for Karma.

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