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May 3, 2017

Tell Us Your Vacation Poop Horror Stories

When they tell you not to drink the water, you probably shouldn't drink the water.

Vacations are amazing. You're out there exploring new places and new cultures, maybe even pushing the limits of your comfort zone.

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But vacations also sometimes have a way of pushing the limits of your bowels.

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So tell us: What's your vacation poop horror story?

Maybe you accidentally ate/drank something that got you so sick you were pooping and vomiting at the same damn time.

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Or maybe you ate it knowing the risks, but had faith you’d be OK...only to deeply regret it several hours later when all of it was shooting out your butt like a water cannon onto the toilet, the wall, the floor — basically EVERYWHERE.

Maybe you booked a romantic hotel suite for the weekend, and then you literally destroyed the bathroom.

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And there was no way to hide the evidence — save for the burning down the entire resort.

Maybe the combination of excitement and straying from your typical diet meant that you couldn't poop at all. For days. OR WEEKS.

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Maybe you had a poop emergency at the worst possible place and time. Like at a spa. Or on the plane.

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Maybe you were out on a day trip when the urge hit you with such an intensity that you knew for a fact you'd never make it to the bathroom. But you still tried, as it spilled out your shorts mid-run. And everyone was watching.

Or maybe it wasn't even you that had to poop, but someone else, and you just happened to get caught in the crosshairs — or shall we say crosspoops.

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So tell us how nature called — no, screamed! — while you were on vacation.

Use the dropbox below to fill us in on where you were, what happened, and what went down once you knew trouble was brewing. Leave no vacation poop unaccounted for.

Your story might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.