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17 Things You Can't Get Away With When You Have A Big Penis

Oh, you thought it was all fun and games?

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8. You can't wear just any underwear. That precious package you're carrying has special needs.

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Boxers are too loose, briefs are too tight (not to mention they can stretch into uselessness), and the waist-to-crotch ratio has to be just right. Compression shorts and pouch underwear are usually the way to go.

12. You can't easily find a condom that fits ~just right~.

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Maybe it's because the only one that fits you is out of stock at the pharmacy, or maybe it's because you have to get a custom-fitted one at an online store. It's a struggle either way. (This is NOT to say we're trying to get out of wearing them, but this is a safe space to complain a bit, right?)