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What's The Most Underrated Piece Of Workout Advice?

Because knowing a few things can make it all easier.

SO you’ve been exercising lately and you are FEELING IT.

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Maybe you've got more energy these days, or you're more flexible than you're used to. Maybe you've just noticed that you're feeling stronger.

OR maybe it's all of the above, and overall you just feel a lot more kickass.

Along the way, you probably also learned a thing or two about working out — something you didn't know when you started.

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Maybe you tried something new that your friend suggested, or maybe it was from someone you overheard at the gym.

You could have also picked it up on a website or in a magazine, or from a book or social media. Maybe you even said to yourself, "HOW HAVE I NEVER READ ABOUT THIS BEFORE?"

Maybe you wish someone told you that, depending on your goals, the best workout routines include weight training.

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Or that sometimes working out just isn't gonna happen — even if you thought it would. / Via

And that it's OK, because you can always get to it tomorrow.

Maybe you wish you'd known sooner that running with a friend is the only way for it to suck less.

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Because running can be difficult, but at least you're adventuring when you're doing it with someone fun. Of course, this could apply to any exercise you do together.

Or, that sleep will be super important to your recovery.

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Along with a warm bath and...maybe some candles? Relaxing is key to recovery, isn't it?

Whatever it is, we want to know. So tell us, what do you wish you had known about working out before you started?

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What caught you by surprise and made you say, "Aha! I wish I knew about this earlier." Feel free to share tips related to ANY part of your fitness journey as you see it, whether it's about working out, recovery, nutrition, sleep, time management, apparel, apps — really, just anything that's made your journey better than it was in the beginning.

Your advice could really help someone who's on Day One of their fitness journey. So let us know what you learned in the comments below; it might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.

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