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Do You Have Any Holiday Traditions With Your Chosen Family?

Your chosen family is the group of people who you choose to play a significant role in your life.

There are many different reasons why you might not be with your immediate family during the holiday season. But hey, that's why you have a chosen family.

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AKA the people you choose to call family. These are the special friends you surround yourself with because, well, they're fuckin' awesome and they're there for you through it all — no matter what.

There's a lot you can do with your chosen family, but the holidays are a ~special~ time to do things together.

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Maybe you have a favorite tradition that you think is completely and totally unique to you and your fam. Maybe your traditions are super weird or out of the ordinary. Or maybe you just made one up for a joke, and y'all ran with it — and now carrying it out is like an homage to that hilarious moment. Whatever the case is, we'd love to hear about your traditions.

For example, maybe you and your chosen family choose to dress up in costume for your potluck dinner.

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Maybe it's just your typical Santa Claus and elf costumes, or something more.

Or maybe you all defy winter conventions and eat and drink tropical/summertime foods.

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Tbh, it's never a bad time to grill a ton of food and drink margaritas and mojitos.

Maybe your chosen fam has a Christmas movie marathon, where you all pile onto a giant couch to watch and be close to one another.

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Home Alone 2, A Christmas Story, Elf, Love Actually, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and The Polar Express, just to name A FEW.

Or maybe, since your chosen fam is composed of mixed religious identities, you actually celebrate Christmahannukwanzadan.

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A holiday anyone can get on board with. Maybe y'all even bring decorations associated with each holiday, so that there's just a hodgepodge of festive stuff hanging around.

Maybe your chosen fam has its annual scavenger hunt, where the winner gets to choose who gets which gifts.

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Don't worry, though; all the gifts are actually quite awesome.

So, tell us all about the awesome and unique holiday traditions you have with your chosen family.

Feel free to be as detailed as possible. For example, who makes up your chosen family? What is the tradition and how'd it get started? When do you take part in these festivities? And of course, why do you love it so damn much?!

Your tradition may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post, so tell us your best ones!