18 Totally Honest Confessions From Emergency Room Nurses

    We know that whatever you got stuck up your butt didn’t get there from falling on it.

    For this post, BuzzFeed Health spoke with emergency department registered nurses Kristen Ligowitz, Courtney Turgeon, and Meg Morris.

    1. Your visit to the emergency room will take a while, but tbh it’s pretty much always for a good reason.

    2. Heart attacks are just the beginning of all the health problems we see.

    3. Yes, we do get people with various objects stuck inside their butts.

    4. And this has taught us that you really don’t know people’s stories solely based on how they look.

    5. Nursing school and ER trainings are a big part of our education, but every day is actually a learning experience.

    6. That said, there are still some gaps in mental health care where more training would help.

    7. Thankfully, we have a whole hospital’s worth of staff to help us when we’re unsure about something.

    8. During our busiest times, we’re basically running all over the place.

    9. Verbal and physical abuse are sometimes just a part of the job.

    10. Most of what you see on TV about nurses and doctors is wrong.

    11. Wayyy too many patients use us as a primary care provider, but it shouldn’t be that way.

    12. We see a lot of the same patients coming in over and over, and it can be pretty sad.

    13. Sometimes, we wish patients would ask more questions if they don’t understand something.

    14. There might be some days where the most we can do is help someone die comfortably.

    15. But because there are other patients to care for, we often have to hide our emotions.

    16. And because of that, we often leave work wondering what we could’ve done differently.

    17. You also wouldn’t believe how long our shifts can be.

    18. But at the end of the day, there’s nothing we’d rather be doing than helping people during what is often one of their worst days.