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What Do You Think Were The Best Mental Health Portrayals In TV And Movies In 2017?

We're talking about shows and movies that looked beyond the stereotypes this year.

If you have a mental illness, then it can be frustrating to see a TV show or movie missing the mark in its portrayal of said illness.

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It's not uncommon for mental illnesses to be stereotyped for dramatic effect, but having a mental illness does not make you a violent person, or someone who's perpetually irrational, or someone who can't keep their life together, etc.

But then sometimes you see a character with your mental illness, and think, "Wow. That's exactly how I feel."

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If you said that after watching a TV show or movie this year (2017!), then we want to hear about it.

Maybe a character had symptoms that weren't just one-dimensional, but actually a complex range of emotions and behaviors.

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Maybe the character arc in a TV show really made you understand your illness and its progression better.

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Or perhaps you finally found a movie that portrayed a personality disorder as NOT being the cause of violent or criminal behavior.

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Maybe there was a show where, despite the challenges of living with a mental illness, one of the characters was still able to just live an average life.

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So tell us: Which TV or movie plot lines in 2017 got mental health right?

And don't just tell us which TV show or movie it was — we'd love to hear why you thought it portrayed mental illness so accurately, too. Also, if you know of the specific time or episode, let us know! Share your thoughts in the dropbox below.

Your submission could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.