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What's It Like Getting Health Care As A Black Transgender Person?

We want to hear your stories.

We all have the right to see a doctor regularly and get the health care we need. But too often, if you're black and trans, finding that care might be harder than it should be.

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And it's not for a lack of trying, either.

So tell us, what barriers to good medical care have you faced as a black trans person?

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Maybe you've been to several doctors, and none were knowledgable about hormone therapy or transition care, so they turned you down.

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Or maybe it wasn't your doctor that was the problem, but your insurance company instead.

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Shoot, maybe you don't even have insurance, which means you can't get the health care you really need.

Perhaps a doctor said or did something you're pretty sure they wouldn't do to someone who wasn't transgender, black, or both.

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Maybe they refused to use your preferred pronoun or made sweeping generalizations without ever actually asking about your lifestyle.

It could have been something else, like a receptionist criticizing your name or the way you looked.

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Maybe they said snide or even outright mean things to you. And because of this mistreatment, you knew that place wasn't the right one for you — even if it was just to get checked up for a nagging cough or an eye exam. Maybe such an instance even forced you to travel two hours now just to see someone who's trans-friendly and knows what they're doing.

Or maybe — hopefully — you finally found a physician or clinic that respects you, listens to, AND accepts your insurance.

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If so, please share your secrets with the class.

We want to know about your health care experiences.

You can submit your story (anonymously, if you want to) in the form below. You can also view the form here, which might be easier on mobile. Please share as much detail as you can — vent to us! The more we know about your experience, the more likely it is that we can include you in a future post. Your story, whether related or unrelated to transition, could help other people with their own medical struggles.