19 Things To Look At If You're Really Stressed Out Right Now

    Sometimes the internet is that friend you need to lean on.

    We asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the things they look at when they're feeling stressed. So if you're feeling overwhelmed, these might help:

    1. This otter eating a watermelon and hating it.

    2. This photo of Voldemort trying to catch his nose.

    3. This dog's silly pics. All of them.

    4. This reminder that dogs can be so ridiculously floppy.

    5. This Instagram page run by the operations director of a big cat sanctuary.

    6. This GIF that helps you regain control of your breathing.

    7. ASMR videos like this, which can help you relax with soft sounds.

    8. This guy eating cotton candy in reverse.

    9. This beautiful aquarium video.

    10. This floral art on Bridget Beth Collins' Instagram.

    11. Landscape paintings like this.

    12. Or Bob Ross videos.

    13. Watching perfect eye makeup like this come together.

    14. Or just mesmerizing pancake art.

    15. Ridiculously decadent Pinterest recipes.

    16. These videos of soldiers surprising their loved ones.

    17. These game show contestants who didn't exactly nail it.

    18. This "beautifully awful rendition" of The Beach Boys' "I Get Around."

    19. And this doctor's wild pimple popping videos — if that's your thing.