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    Posted on Jun 15, 2017

    18 Hilarious Tweets For People Who Can't Stand The Summer Heat

    "My favorite beach vacation game is Guess Which Body Part You Missed With Sunscreen And Now Needs Medical Attention."


    My favorite beach vacation game is Guess Which Body Part You Missed With Sunscreen And Now Needs Medical Attention


    four worst things about summer: 1) boob sweat 2) ass sweat 3) hairline sweat 4) just-got-out-of-the-shower why am i even sweaty sweat


    this customer at work asked me if I'm in love because my face looked glowy but I was just sweaty


    Yelp Review for Outside: 1/5 stars. Very hot out there. No Wifi. "People" (aka other humans) want to interact with you. Would not go again


    [in bed] Girl: why are you so sweaty? Me: i dont know Girl: im going to watch Parks and Rec from the other side of the bed Me: i understand


    When you go outside without checking the temperature & it's hot af


    The floor is the Air-conditioner Me :


    me going into the summer dehydrated, lacking sleep,broke, depressed but trying to use fake positivity to pretend my…



    It's getting hot outside so I'm telling y'all now. Heat gives me attitudes. Stay out my face & wear deodorant


    "I'm sorry I put you through this." (Me to my legs as I put on pants in this hot ass weather)


    I could kill a bear with my own hands, prepare it, then cook it with the heat between my thighs in the time it takes for my oven to preheat.


    "Man, it's hot outside!" - something I'd probably say if I ever went outside


    Walked in for the money. Stayed for the AC. My ATM love story.


    when you ready for the summer then you realize it's too hot and people are musty


    Me: It's going to be another beautiful day outside. Hot & sunny! Air Conditioner: You ain't going anywhere!


    When it's hot out and your boss says you can wear what you want


    There's going to be a 55 degree temperature increase in Las Vegas over the next few days. Happy Monday!



    Honestly it's too hot to be outside, I'll catch y'all in the fall

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