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14 Pimple-Popping Posts That'll Gross You TF Out

WARNING: Delightfully graphic content ahead. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!

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If popping pimples (or seeing them popped) is something that satisfies you on a deeper level, then drop whatever you're doing.

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Why, you ask? Because BuzzFeed has covered tons of gross AF pimple pops over the years, and with some of the best ones now in one place (below), it's not like you're going to be able to look away, anyway. So, without further ado, here are our grossest, but oh-so-satisfying pimple popping posts. Oh, and by the way, you actually should not pop your pimples. Definitely see a dermatologist for all skin care issues, including dealing with those ~blemishes~.

2. And for when you want to take comfort in some good ol' GIFs of pimples being popped. / Via

Because whether it's you or someone else, nothing feels more soothing than seeing all that snakelike goo exiting a pimple. You can see it all in Can You Get Through This Post Without Cringing?

5. For when that four-year-old pimple got nothing on a six-year-old one.

By now, you might be asking, "How does someone let it just sit there for that long?" Well, this one was thought to be scar tissue, until...well, see for yourself in Watch This Girl Pop A Pimple That Had Been Growing For Six Years.

6. And for when you're feeling brave AF and can handle looking at this monstrous 20-year-old one. / Via

Aged like a fine wine, some might say. Others might consider this a long-term relationship. Personally, I might just pass out from the sight of it. Take a look at your own risk in This Is What Popping A 20-Year-Old Zit Looks Like.

7. For when popping isn't satisfying enough and you need a whole fucking STREAM of pus to come out, too. / Via

Like it's legit a waterfall of pus and blood, y'all. Where does it all come from? How did one let it get that bad?! Why did they do this without a doctor's supervision? Sooo many questions. Anyway, check it out for yourself in This Woman Popped What Appears To Be A Cyst And Created A Stream Of Pus. (OK, we know this isn't a pimple, but it was too good to not include.)

8. For when you want to see what a typical day in the life is like for the Dr. Pimple Popper. / Via

AKA our hero Dr. Sandra Lee, a dermatologist in Southern California. You've probably seen her suuuper-gross Instagram posts, but if you want to see her in action, check out A Day In The Life Of Dr. Pimple Popper.

10. For when you want to ~elevate~ your pimple-popping experience by taking a close-up view.

The only thing that's better than seeing a pimple being popped is seeing it being popped up close. SO CLOSE THAT IT'S LIKE IT'S LITERALLY IN YOUR FACE (sorry). Well, if that sounds like your cuppa tea, proceed to These Magnified Pimple Popping Videos Are Either Your Most Beautiful Dream Or Your Scariest Nightmare.

12. For when you KNOW you have the stomach for all these pimples, and you want👏 to👏 prove👏 it👏!

13. For when you're so damn tired of the GIFs and just want some good, wholesome pimple-popping videos. / Via

OK, maybe they're not so wholesome. And if we're being honest, you probably shouldn't try any of this at home, either. But alas, here we are. So it's no surprise that there's a whole freakin' thread on Reddit that's dedicated to pimple-popping. In 14 Confusing Moments Of Relief For Everyone Who Loves Popping Pimples, you'll see some of our favorites.

14. And finally, for when you want to see a guy suck the pus out of a pimple...cupcake. / Via

In People Try Pimple Cupcakes For The First Time, BuzzFeeders attempt to eat cupcakes that not only look like real pimples, but can be squeezed like them too. Bon appétit.

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