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    9 Physical Therapy Success Stories That'll Make You Choke Up A Bit

    "I lift heavy weights in the summer — weights my doctor said my back would never be able to support."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us stories about going through physical therapy in hopes that they'd be able to inspire others who are currently recovering from pain, injuries, surgery, or other problems.

    In case you didn't know, there's physical therapy for all sorts of problems, and each treatment is tailored to the individual patient's needs — usually involving a mix of massage, exercise, heat or electrotherapy, and other techniques. (If you need a physical therapist you can check out the American Physical Therapy Association.)

    Here, are some stories from people who underwent physical therapy to treat everything from their pelvic floor muscle problems to sports injuries to vertigo.

    Now get motivated!

    1. "I didn't think it would help. However, looking back now, I realize how much it's helped me."

    2. "It was deeply personal; part of my [therapy] included internal vaginal massage, so there was a whole lot of working naked. But my disease got so, so much better."

    3. "It was difficult and scary, but I can honestly say physical therapy saved my life. I truly thought I was going to die."

    4. "I pushed past the pain and doubt, thinking it'd be worth it even if it only gave me a week of pain-free swimming."

    5. "After five months, I was able to swing my arm in a circle again, and when I called the PT office to tell them, I could hear them cheering in the background."

    6. "It was crazy how hard it was to walk. I couldn't do it. I felt old, yet I was only 22."

    7. "I lift heavy weights in the summer — weights my doctor said my back would never be able to support."

    8. "If you need physical therapy, don't get down on yourself for needing the help, and definitely don't wait. You don't deserve to be in pain."

    9. "I went through most of my life with tremendous pain from my ankles to my neck. My feet messed up my whole body."

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