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We Need To Talk About This Sticker For Your Dick

It goes right on the pee hole.

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Meet the Jiftip, a sticker for the tip of your penis.


Jiftip is a polyurethane adhesive device (aka a sticker) that's meant to be placed on the tip of the penis to cover the urethra (aka the hole).

The Jiftip tries to split the difference between getting busy wearing a condom and doing it unwrapped.

Basically, you get to do it condom-free while the sticker (supposedly) prevents precum from exiting the urethra during sex for a little more insurance against getting pregnant — though you'll still have to pull out, the website says.


As well as potentially contracting sexually transmitted infections and getting pregnant.

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In addition to more than one disclaimer noting that you shouldn't use the Jiftip to prevent STIs or pregnancy, the site also says that "official testing is several years away."

Despite the safety concerns, many of Jiftip's early adopters — aka "beta testers" — are, according to the company, using it instead of condoms.

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Jiftip tester Tyler says: "Jiftip embodies the ideal solution for a set of people that aren't willing to forgo sex completely, but who wish to experience a higher form of intimacy than condoms can provide."

Jiftip tester Jason says: "This is perfect for my wife and I. We are monogamous and each other's first sexual partner, so there is no risk of STIs. We just don't want to get pregnant yet and hate using condoms, this would make me and her feel a lot safer when we use the pull-out method."


To understand the actual effectiveness and safety of the Jiftip, BuzzFeed Health spoke to urologist Dr. Paul Gittens of the Center for Sexual Medicine.

First of all, the Jiftip definitely won't protect you from STIs.

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Condoms are the most effective form of STI protection, so why use something that's not shown or proven to be effective, Gittens says.

"The Jiftip probably doesn't have a good enough seal — viruses and bacteria like HIV, HPV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea are small enough to be able to get inside of the urethra and cause these problems."

And if you like ~rough~ sex, accidents can happen where microtears open up on the shaft of the penis, providing an opening for STIs to find their way in.

The company knows this, mentioning in its legal disclaimer: "THOU SHALT NOT USE IT FOR PREGNANCY OR STI PURPOSES."

And it probably won't protect you from pregnancy either, even if you pull out.

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Your pullout game could be pro-level and it would still only take ONE TIME to accidentally come too fast.

If that happens inside your partner, then it's possible that the muscle spasm that propels the ejaculate out, combined with the lack of a place for the semen to go, could force it to leak out the sides, Gittens says, noting that the blockage can also cause pain.

"For some men it's more forceful than others," he says.

And then there's also the chance that it's not applied correctly from the start. "What happens if you’re having sex and the tip falls off — you probably won’t even know until it’s too late."

Ripping it off might also cause more problems than just a few shed tears.

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It might also irritate the skin — especially if your skin is sensitive — or tear it off completely, or you might only be able to rip off part of the Jiftip, leaving some stuck on the penis.


Ultimately, Gittens says the whole point of using anything is to protect yourself against STIs and pregnancy, and despite the message Jiftip is trying to send, condoms are the most effective pregnancy and STI prevention method.

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"If it doesn't accomplish that [prevention] goal, then it doesn't make much sense to use it," he says. "Sure, there's a decrease in sensation when you have sex with a condom, but the benefits are that you're going to protect yourself from STIs and it's highly effective in preventing pregnancies. I just don't think it's a good idea to use the Jiftip."

BuzzFeed Health has reached out to Jiftip for comment.