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Show Us Your Favorite Stress-Relieving Thing On The Internet

*throws self on floor* *looks at pictures of puppies*

Stress: Some would say it's the absolute worst.

Nearly half of all Americans say they're concerned about how much stress is in their lives. And working adults feel this even more.

But it also gets to people who are going through health issues.

Luckily, the internet sometimes graces us with a GIF or a meme that so spectacularly increases our mood that we have to save and cherish it forever.

If you have one of these, share it with the class, because we get stressed too.

Maybe it's this cartoon dog who speaks to your life...

Or this calligraphy that's both calming to watch and reflective of how you feel...

Cute-ass sloths taking cute-ass selfies, anyone?

He's so curious. OMG.

Vine videos are fun, too.

John Hetlinger / Via vine.co

Like this one of a metal-singing grandpa. KILLIN' IT.

Personally, I like to sit by the ocean and watch the waves.

So, show us your favorite thing to look at in times of distress.

What makes you feel like a million bucks when your bank account only has one? Your stories could help others who still haven't found their stress-relief thing to bookmark. (But you know, no porn please.)

Upload the photo, GIF, or meme using the dropbox below. Or you can include a link in your comment. We'll include some of the best ones in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.