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15 Foreplay Tips That Are Actually Really Hot

It's getting hot in here, y'all.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us all the little things they like to do, or have done to them, during foreplay. Here are some things that they said work like magic.

Just a quick note: Foreplay is lots of fun and it can help turn on both you and your partner. But just remember that you have to make sure whoever you're messing around with is definitely on board with trying stuff out, especially when it involves more ~aggressive~ activities, and that usually means having a discussion about it beforehand.

Now, on to the foreplay!

1. Wear something sexy AF under your regular clothes and give 'em a sneak peak at a risqué moment.

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"In the past I've worn some lingerie under a simple T-shirt and jeans, gone out for drinks, then shown my partner what's under my outfit to get us in the mood. It's fun, sexy, and you can't wait to get home!"



2. Turn back massages into butt massages, and butt massages already know.

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"We like to give each other back massages with lotion, and include the butt, too. We are very stressed-out people, so it's one of our favorite things to do to relax. It's intimate, loving, and usually is a good transition into sex."


3. Get as close as you can, without ever touching.

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"When my partner breathes on the back of my neck, there is something so amazing about being so close but not touching each other. That really gets me going."


4. Tease them (almost) everywhere.

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"Me and my boyfriend love to tease each other. It drives us both crazy. He'll linger his hands at the top of my underwear, lightly stroking me, or putting his hand up and down my inner thigh. He'll bite my neck and my lip and pull away before I kiss him. By the time he actually touches me I'm craving it."


5. Take control of the situation — if you know they're into that.


"I like it with a bit of force. Having him grab me and hold me tight as soon as I walk through the door. He pins me up against the door and we start to make out. Then, with one hand caressing my body, he goes to my butt and runs it down my thigh to pull my leg up and wrap it around his waist, where we slowly start grinding. Just like that I melt like butter and the clothes come off."


6. Turn morning wood into morning sex.

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"I think theres nothing sexier than morning sex. Waking up in bed with your partner and feeling that he's aroused as you're spooning, or even anticipating it, can be so sexy. It's also such a great way to start the day."



7. Lock eyes with them while ~doing what you do~.

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"Nothing is sexier than looking into the eyes of the person who is going down on you and finding that they are just totally lost in the pleasure of the moment, and that pleasing you is everything to them."

—Jacki Demchak, Facebook

8. Bite them a little (or a lot if they're into that).

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"What I do to my guy makes him moan. We are both masochists so we're turned on by pain. Instead of hickeys, we leave bruised bite marks. I give him a hand job and bite his chest or his neck and shoulders."


9. Make out, and then make out some more, until you're both itching to get naked.

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"One of my favorite and hottest moments with my boyfriend was just an incredibly hot makeout session on the couch — clothes on. I'm talking just second base. We got really into it and the anticipation of breaking the tension became so much that I whispered in his ear, telling him to rip my shirt off and, uh, well, to do what they do on the Discovery Channel. He whisked me to my room, ripped my shirt off, and we had the best sex either of us had ever had."


10. Play teasing games with them. Make them beg to have you.

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"I consider myself a terrible tease, and I love it. Generally I ask my partner if they want to play a game. The rules are that they aren't allowed to touch me and they have to keep their eyes closed, or else they lose. Meanwhile I can kiss them and touch them until they beg to touch me back. Super fun, super effective. If necessary, set limits and see where your partner likes to be touched or doesn't like. Make sure everyone is comfortable!"


11. Keep the action PG-13 with some cuddling.

Starz / Via

"Best thing ever? Cuddling, with clothes still on, for a longer amount of time. Just like teenagers — casually touching breasts, gently stroking the inner thighs, slowly removing one piece of clothing after the other... Drives. Me. Nuts."



12. Play-fight with them and watch as the sexual tension rises.

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"My boyfriend and I often get into somewhat aggressive tickle fights that always end up leading to sex. It's fun and playful and intensely physical, and whenever one of us gives up first (usually me because he's a lot stronger than I am), it usually develops into more traditional foreplay with kissing and touching and all that."


13. Take pleasure in being the deliverer of their pleasure.

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"When going down on your partner, really get into to it. Don't treat it like a chore, even if it's not your favorite part of sex. I mean is there anything sexier than hearing your partner moan with pleasure?"


14. Show their bootyhole some love.

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"Getting rimmed. So many men brag about how great they are and how they could eat ass for hours, but they're down there a minute, and then are like, 'Great, time to jam it in!' Like nah, you need to actually put in the effort. Tops seriously underestimate how much a rimjob can loosen their partner up — in a good way! — for entry."


15. Turn off the lights so you can try out your fantasies under the cover of darkness.

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"If there's something kinky you want to try but are too embarrassed, wait until night time so that you can be shrouded in darkness. It helps me try new things if I can't be seen, that way I don't feel self-conscious, like I'm having to perform. Besides, touching without seeing can be sexy. Just be careful!"

—Brittani Bartnick, Facebook

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