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15 Foreplay Tips That Are Actually Really Hot

It's getting hot in here, y'all.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us all the little things they like to do, or have done to them, during foreplay. Here are some things that they said work like magic.

Just a quick note: Foreplay is lots of fun and it can help turn on both you and your partner. But just remember that you have to make sure whoever you're messing around with is definitely on board with trying stuff out, especially when it involves more ~aggressive~ activities, and that usually means having a discussion about it beforehand.

Now, on to the foreplay!

1. Wear something sexy AF under your regular clothes and give 'em a sneak peak at a risqué moment.

2. Turn back massages into butt massages, and butt massages into...you already know.

3. Get as close as you can, without ever touching.

4. Tease them (almost) everywhere.

5. Take control of the situation — if you know they're into that.

6. Turn morning wood into morning sex.

7. Lock eyes with them while ~doing what you do~.

8. Bite them a little (or a lot if they're into that).

9. Make out, and then make out some more, until you're both itching to get naked.

10. Play teasing games with them. Make them beg to have you.

11. Keep the action PG-13 with some cuddling.

12. Play-fight with them and watch as the sexual tension rises.

13. Take pleasure in being the deliverer of their pleasure.

14. Show their bootyhole some love.

15. Turn off the lights so you can try out your fantasies under the cover of darkness.

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