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20 Times You Were So Happy You Weren't An Olympic Diver

Who knew jumping into pools could look so painful?

1. When this wasn't you.

Matt King / Getty Images

2. When you found out this thing was nearly 33 feet high.

Roberto Ventre / Via Flickr: 65743191@N00

Like jumping off a three-story building. NBD.

3. When Bree Cole was JUST TOO CLOSE to the board.

Chris McGrath / Getty Images

4. When this gave you anxiety.

@diver_problems / Via Twitter: @Diver_Problems

5. When you saw your first smack.

@Trey_Krumwiede / Via Twitter: @Trey_Krumwiede

6. When jumping into a pool was still fun.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

7. When you could sit back and watch the competition...

HBS TV / Bampire TheDog / Via

8. Rather than trying to come back for the team.

HBS TV / Bampire TheDog / Via

9. When you just held your breath and prayed for these two.

Wong Maye-e / AP

10. When you saw all the cuts...

@harrisdives / Via Twitter: @Harrisdives

11. And scrapes...

@LuisIsBromeo / Via Twitter: @LouisIsBromeo

12. And really overall carnage that divers put themselves through.

@BaileyMakae_ / Via Twitter: @BaileyMakae_

13. When you realized how fast the water could come at you.

when you love diving so much that it takes your breath away

@AmyPlo / Via Twitter: @AmyPlo

14. When you could still tell which way was down.

HBS TV / Bampire TheDog / Via

15. When this attempt at holding a friend's hand hit you right in the feels.

Matt Dunham / AP

16. When you really thought this was a safe bet.

Eurosport / Via

But the judges didn't.

17. And when this looked like a whole lot of OUCH.

NBC / Via

Here's Olympic diver Melissa Wu (from Australia) in 2009 showing us that even the best of us hurt.

18. When you could basically feel this through the TV.

19. When diving didn't cause you to question your life's decisions...

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

20. Or force you to assume the fetal position in a fit of tears.

Adam Pretty / Getty Images

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