Let's Break Down That Wild Finale To "Severance" Season 1

    This ending severed all of our minds.

    Season 1 of Apple TV's Severance has now ended, and boy, what an amazing first impression it made.

    Mark at Devon's house in "Severance"/Helly at the Lumon Gala in "Severance"

    Mark Learns About Gemma

    Mark holding a photo of himself with Gemma in "Severance"

    Burt and Irving

    Irving standing outside of Burt's house in "Severance"

    Helly's an Eagan

    Helly on a stage at Lumon in "Severance"

    The Truth is Outie

    Mark holding an "End Severance" poster in "Severance"

    Are Dylan and Helly Prisoners?

    Dylan holding onto both Overtime Contingency switches in "Severance"

    Mark and Irving

    Mark at Devon's house in "Severance"

    How Big Is Lumon?

    The outside of the Lumon company building in "Severance"

    What Does Lumon Do?

    The "back room" filled with people working in "Severance"

    What did you think of Severance's finale? Are you also excited for Season 2? Please let me know in the comments section below.