20 Times "Saturday Night Live" Absolutely Destroyed The Fourth Wall

    These moments came in like a wrecking ball.

    Though Saturday Night Live always breaks the fourth wall when they announce the start of the show, there have been special cases in which the show steps out of a sketch's boundaries.

    Whenever SNL does this, it's so the show can make fun of itself, its cast, or just to defy the audience's expectations, all for the sake of laughs. In the spirit of good humor, let's take a crack at the list of 20 Times Saturday Night Live Broke Through the Fourth Wall.


    20. Friends

    Matthew Perry as Joey and Colin Quinn as Chandler in a parody of "Friends" in "Saturday Night Live"

    19. What's Up With That

    Kenan Thompson, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen as their character on "What's Up With That" in "Saturday Night Live"

    18. Men's Room Sketch

    Bowen Yang staring at the camera in a men's room in "Saturday Night Live"

    17. Eric Trump Screws Up

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    In a reenactment of an event laid out in the Robert Mueller Investigation, brothers Eric and Donald Trump Jr. meet with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to get dirt about Hillary Clinton. Of course, Alex Moffat's Eric ends up acting as oblivious and half-witted as ever. Even when the cast tries to announce the show, Eric messes up by saying "live" instead of "LIVE."

    16. The Ingraham Angle

    Kate McKinnon as Laura Ingraham on the "The Ingraham Angle" in "Saturday Night Live"

    15. Linda Tripp

    John Goodman as Linda Tripp scowling at the screen in "Saturday Night Live"

    14. NATO Cafeteria PSA

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    Here, SNL humorously turns the NATO Conference cafeteria into a scene straight of a high-school drama. While Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, and Boris Johnson are the "cool kids" the girls gush over, Donald Trump is one of the guys that this group bullies and banishes to the "losers table" with Latvia. At the end of this sketch, Melania Trump comes on stage and speaks to the camera, revealing it is actually a PSA for her anti-bullying "Be Best" campaign.

    13. Church Lady Goes Long

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    In this classic "Church Chat" sketch, Dana Carvey's Church Lady interviews NFL players Joe Montana and Walter Payton about football. Near the end of the sketch, the pious talk show host plays a little game with the football elite and tries to fake out Payton for a catch. Church Lady then runs into the studio audience and hides behind them before the ball is thrown at her.

    12. Family Feud Oscars Edition

    Kenan Thompson as Steve Harvey on "Family Feud: Oscars Edition" in "Saturday Night Live"

    11. The First Thanksgiving

    Will Ferrell dressed as Pocahontas's grandfather, smiling at the camera, in "Saturday Night Live"

    10. Mozart Sketch

    Justin Timberlake as Mozart in "Saturday Night Live"

    9. Clinton Gets Cancelled

    Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton sitting in the White House with Will Ferrell's Kenneth Star standing next to him in "Saturday Night Live"

    8. R. Kelly Interview

    Kenan Thompson as R. Kelly sitting with Leslie Jones as Gayle King in "Saturday Night Live"

    7. Immigrant Tale

    Justin Timberlake as Cornelius Timberlake in "Saturday Night Live"

    6. Jheri's Place

    Dave Chappelle, Kenan Thompson, Aidy Bryant, Mikey Day, Leslie Jones, and Kyle Mooney sitting at a table with towels and microphones in "Saturday Night Live"

    5. Diner Lobster

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    In this modern classic, Pete Davidson's character orders a lobster at a diner, and the audience is surprisingly treated to a crustacean production of Les Misérables. Chris Redd's character thus urges his friend not to eat the innocent lobster, only for Davidson to say he's "more of a Mean Girls guy." He then turns to the camera to advertise the movie's play by saying, "on Broadway now." This callout is pretty fitting for SNL, since Mean Girls was written by show alumni Tina Fey.

    4. Sean Spicer

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    When Melissa McCarthy played Sean Spicer on SNL, she gave a killer performance that forever associated the former White House Press Secretary with her. At the end of her first appearance, she screams, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night," only for a reporter saying that already happened before getting attacked by Spicer. Apparently, Spicey's forgetfulness extends beyond the fourth wall.

    3. The McLaughlin Group

    Dana Carney as John McLaughlin in "Saturday Night Live"

    2. Count Chocula

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    The highlight of Dave Chappelle's latest episode came in the sketch about Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben's mascots being recalled. Eventually, we see Chappelle appear as "the Allstate guy," who brings out Pete Davidson's Count Chocula. After mistaking the cereal mascot for a Black man, Chappelle talks to the camera and tells America to look at "Pete Davidson's lips." This causes both Chappelle and Davidson to crack up laughing, with the latter accidentally spitting out his fake teeth.

    1. Biden Brags

    Jim Carrey as Joe Biden and Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris making the Ace Ventura loser sign in "Saturday Night Live"

    Do you agree with this list? Were there any other great fourth-wall-breaking moments that were missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.