25 Moments From "Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2" That Had Me Running Up That Hill

    The end is only the beginning. (Spoilers inside.)

    Volume 2 of Stranger Things Season 4 finally hit Netflix last weekend, giving audiences worldwide a shocking and heartfelt conclusion to the show's record-breaking season.

    Eleven bathed in blue light in "Stranger Things"/Vecna bathed in red light in "Stranger Things"

    25. Dmitri Faces Yuri

    Yuri and Dmitri staring at each other in "Stranger Things"

    24. Lucas vs. Jason

    Jason pointing a gun at Lucas with Max sitting beside them in "Stranger Things"

    23. Eleven vs. Vecna

    Eleven in an illusory recreation of the Snow Ball in "Stranger Things"

    22. Dustin Meets Eddie's Uncle

    Dustin with Eddie's uncle in a crowded gymnasium in "Stranger Things"

    21. Vecna Meets the Mind Flayer

    One looking at the Mind Flayer in "Stranger Things"

    20. Eleven Confronts Papa

    Eleven looking up at Dr. Brenner in "Stranger Things"

    19. Battle of Fort Munson

    Dustin and Eddie, armed with weapons, inside the latter's trailer in the Upside Down in "Stranger Things"

    18. Military Attack

    U.S. military soldiers firing guns inside the Nina Project in "Stranger Things"

    17. Death of Brenner

    Brenner lying on a desert ground in "Stranger Things"

    16. That Flamethrower

    Murray as he's using a flamethrower in "Stranger Things"

    15. Hopper Kills the Demogorgon

    Hopper holding a sword in front of a Demogorgon

    14. Hopper and Joyce Kiss

    Hopper and Joyce kissing in "Stranger Things"

    13. Hopper and Eleven Reunite

    Eleven hugging Hopper in "Stranger Things"

    12. Mike and Will

    Will and Mike in the back of Argylle's van in "Stranger Things"

    11. Robin and Vickie

    Vickie and Robin making sandwiches in "Stranger Things"

    10. Will and Jonathan's Talk

    Will and Jonathan hugging in a pizzeria in "Stranger Things"

    9. Mike Confesses His Love

    Mike and Will looking down at Eleven in "Stranger Things"

    8. The Barrier Is Broken

    The Party staring out a strong forming over Hawkins in "Stranger Things"

    7. Vecna’s Fall

    Vecna being flung backwards in "Stranger Things"

    6. Eddie’s Last Stand

    Closeup of Eddie in the Upside Down

    5. Max’s Final Confession

    Max with her face illuminated by blue light in "Stranger Things"

    4. Eddie Dies

    Eddie smiling as he dies in "Stranger Things"

    3. Max's Death

    Lucas holding Max's dead body in "Stranger Things"

    2. The Final Gate Opens

    A massive Gate tearing through Hawkins in "Stranger Things"

    1. Rocking Out in the Upside Down

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    To distract Vecna’s bats, Eddie breaks out his guitar and rocks out with Dustin to the tune of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” Dedicating it all to Chrissy, Eddie gives the performance of his life as he absolutely shreds as red lightning crackles through the heavens. What an awesome way to fight off the apocalypse!

    Do you agree with this list? Are there any other moments from Volume 2 that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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