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    The 18 Best Moments From "Thor: Love And Thunder"

    The wait ends here and now!

    Taika Waititi's latest Thor film has finally descended onto theaters, adding another hilarious and heartfelt adventure to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    18. The Story of Thor

    Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy walking through a field of fire in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    17. The Asgardian Theatre

    Two actors playing Thor and Loki in an Asgardian play in "Thor: Ragnarok"

    16. Enter Zeus

    Zeus in Omnipotence City in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    15. Jane Returns

    Jane in New Asgard in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    14. Jane Enters Valhalla

    Heimdall standing in a hallway in "Thor: Ragnarok"

    13. Intro to Hercules

    Roy standing outside a ticket booth in "Ted Lasso"

    12. The Attack on New Asgard

    Jane as Mighty Thor in New Asgard in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    11. The God Butcher is Born

    Gorr reaching for the Necrosword in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    10. Jane and Thor’s Relationship

    Thor and Jane standing next to a burning building in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    9. Battle of Omnipotence City

    Thor wielding thunder whips in Omnipotence City in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    8. Thor and Jane Get Back Together

    Thor talking to Jane onboard a ship in "Thor: Love and Thunder:

    7. Jane's Last Stand

    Jane standing in the hallway to Eternity in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    6. Welcome to the Jungle

    Thor summoning thunder with Stormbreaker in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    5. Battle at Eternity

    Thor sharing his power of electricity with the children of New Asgard in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    4. Showdown in the Shadow Realm

    Thor in the Shadow Realm in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    3. Gorr's Wish

    Gorr in a jungle in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    2. Jane's Death

    Jane holding an unconscious Thor in "Thor: The Dark World"

    1. Love and Thunder

    Thor sitting by a tree in "Thor: Love and Thunder"

    Do you agree with this list? What did you think of Thor: Love and Thunder? Please let me know in the comments section below.