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    8 Moments From A24's "Men" That Shocked And Frightened Fans

    "What haunts you will find you."

    Director Alex Garland's and A24's latest film, Men, has finally come to shock theaters, and they sure succeeded.

    Geoffrey screaming as he's driving in "Men"

    Though it is an ambiguous and allegorical slow-burn horror, Men, like Garland's other films, is a beautifully shot but unnerving journey into the human condition. And now that it's here, we must discuss the top moments from A24's Men.


    8. The Tunnel

    Harper inside a tunnel in "Men"

    During a peaceful nature walk, Harper comes across a long, dark tunnel, and she starts to sing with her own echo. But things get darker once a stranger appears and screams back at her from across the tunnel. This unique and unsettling scene was heavily used in the marketing for this film, and it echoes throughout this film as Harper's song is heard later on.

    7. James's Death

    James falling in front of Harper in "Men"

    The whole film revolves around Harper recovering from the death of her ex-husband (who threatened to commit suicide over their divorce). Watching his body fall outside her window was scary enough; the film actually shows James's mangled body after his death. Seeing his limbs bloodied and mutilated, it's no wonder Harper was traumatized by this unfortunate incident.

    6. The Dead Crow

    A young man wearing a woman's face mask in "Men"

    At some point in the film, a crow bursts through a window, and Geoffrey euthanized it shortly afterward. But later on, the entity stalking Harper appears in the kitchen as a childish man that she encountered earlier. We see this man playing with the crow's dead body, having put a woman's face mask on top of it. It's an unsettling and symbolic scene that's made even more disturbing by how he just stands there with his arm split open.

    5. The Naked Man

    Harper holding a phone to her ear in "Men"

    Things get weird in this movie once Harper gets stalked by a strange man without any clothing. While Harper thinks she eluded it, later in the film, we see the nude man walking on her lawn, looking in through the window. It takes a while for Harper to notice, but the suspense of knowing this man is just waiting outside makes for an unnerving scene.

    4. Home Invasion

    Harper looking at a police officer on her lawn in "Men"

    When Harper finds a police officer standing on her lawn, she asks if the naked man he imprisoned has been found. However, the man just stares at her until the lights flicker off and he disappears into the darkness. This is a clear setup for some spooky nighttime shenanigans, but things get scarier when another man sprints toward Harper like the groundskeeper in Get Out.

    3. The Bathroom Scene

    The vicar sitting on a bench in "Men"

    During the entity's home invasion, he corners Harper in the bathroom as the vicar. Having had his arm sliced in half, he washes the blood off in the sink as if nothing happened. Then, feeling tempted by Harper, he grabs her with his bisected arm and tries to force himself upon her. Luckily, Harper drives her knife into the vicar's body before he can do so.

    2. Arm Slice

    Harper stabbing the naked man's arm in "Men"

    When the naked man violently grabs Harper through a mail slot, she reacts by driving a kitchen knife through his arm. The mysterious man lets go, but instead of showing any pain, he pulls his arm through the slot, forcing the blade through the rest of his arm. What makes this moment even more disturbing is that Harper's ex-husband had his arm sliced open the same way the day he died.

    1. The Birth of Men

    Geoffrey covered in blood in "Men"

    In the film's bizarre climax, the naked man appears one last time after crashing Harper's car. But in a disturbing twist, he gives birth to the man with the woman's mask right on the spot. But it doesn't stop there. This young man gives birth to the vicar, who gives birth to Geoffrey, who gives birth to James. The way they all crawl out of each bodily orifice is a level of body horror typically seen in a Cronenberg movie, making for the most bizarre wellness vacation ever.

    Do you agree with this list? What did you think of Garland's film? Please let me know in the comments section below.