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    14 Lines From "Schitt's Creek" That Sum Up Each Character

    You shouldn't judge someone from one line, but these lines say a lot.

    Schitt's Creek is full of quirky and lovable characters, and they always have something interesting to say.

    Johnny sitting at the bar in the cafe in "Schitt's Creek"/Alexis wearing a hat inside a car in "Schitt's Creek"

    14. "Remind me, are you here for a photo series or travel planning or our newest service, closet organization?" —Ray

    Ray holding a ticket in front of David in "Schitt's Creek"

    13. "It's my dad. We don't really get along. He really takes the whole mayor tradition in the family thing serious, and I'm just not that down into labels, you know?" —Mutt

    Mutt wearing a garbage cleaner vest in "Schitt's Creek"

    12. "Hey, Johnny. Keepin' busy, or, uh, hardly workin'?" —Bob

    Bob pointing at Johnny with both index fingers in his garage in "Schitt's Creek"

    11. "This isn't Say Yes to the Dress, princess. Orange is the new orange." —Ronnie

    Ronnie sitting at a table in the town hall looking at Alexis in "Schitt's Creek"

    10. "If those bunnies feel exploited even a little bit, I am pulling the plug." —Ted

    Ted looking at Alexis at the vet in "Schitt's Creek"

    9. "I have everything I need right here. It's about how you live your life. You know, doing what makes you smile." —Twyla

    Twyla smiling at Alexis in her cafe in "Schitt's Creek"

    8. "Have a Rose-Y day!" —Jocelyn

    Jocelyn smiling with Dave smiling at her in Rose Apothecary in "Schitt's Creek"

    7. "If you're looking for an ass to kiss, it's mine." —Roland

    Roland talking to Johnny next to a bus in "Schitt's Creek"

    6. "I don't want to add more stress to your day, but I love you." —Patrick

    Patrick holding David's arms in Rose Apothecary in "Schitt's Creek"

    5. "I'm incapable of faking sincerity." —Stevie

    Stevie talking to David in a motel room with her arms out in "Schitt's Creek"

    4. "I don't skate through life. I walk through life…in really nice shoes." —Alexis

    Alexis talking to David in the car in "Schitt's Creek"

    3. "I plan on popping a pill, crying a bit, and falling asleep early. Just a regular weeknight." —David

    David holding a box in Rose Apothecary in "Schitt's Creek"

    2. "The world is falling apart around us, John, and I am dying inside." —Moira

    Moira talking to Johnny as they sit together in the cafe in "Schitt's Creek"

    1. "I just thought, in spite of all the hardship, we found ourselves coming together, the kids, you and me, as a family." —Johnny

    Johnny sitting at the cafe counter with a milkshake sitting in front of him in "Schitt's Creek"

    Do you agree with this list? Were there any other quotes that sum up these characters? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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