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    19 Moments From "The Office" So Awkward You Might Have Skipped These Episodes Entirely


    The Office is a masterclass of cringe, but that isn't always a good thing.

    Michael holding his thumb up in "The Office"/Michael with a microphone at Diwali in "The Office"/Michael talking to the camera in "The Office"

    19. Enter Date Mike

    Michael dressed as "Date Mike" at an arcade in "The Office"

    18. The Dinner Party

    Michael screaming at his dinner table in "The Office"

    17. Stamford Orientation

    Michael standing next to a TV playing a video of him and Dwight in "The Office"

    16. Andy Breaks Up With Jessica

    Andy, dressed as Santa, standing with Erin and Jessica in "The Office"

    15. Pam Tells Roy the Truth

    Pam talking to Roy in a bar in "The Office"

    14. Michael's Casino Date(s)

    Jan and Carol looking at each other in "The Office"

    13. Toby Touches Pam's Knee

    Toby with his hand hovering over Pam's knee while sitting next to her and Jim in "The Office"

    12. Andy's Revenge

    An angry Andy standing in the office in "The Office"

    11. Michael Dates Pam's Landlady

    Michael standing in front of Pam's landlady in a coffee shop in "The Office"

    10. Michael at Phyllis's Wedding

    Michael talking to the camera at Phyllis's wedding in "The Office"

    9. Andy Gets Upset Over A Cappella

    Andy, Broccoli Rob, and Here Comes Treble singing in the conference Room in "The Office"

    8. Pam and Dwight Reunite With Jan

    Pam and Dwight looking horrified in Jan's office in "The Office"

    7. Michael Ruins Holly's Christmas

    Michael dressed as "Santa Bond" in "The Office"

    6. Michael Proposes to Carol

    Michael with a microphone at Diwali in "The Office"

    5. Michael Tries to Kiss Pam

    Michael sitting with Pam on a staircase outside in "The Office"

    4. Michael Cries at Holly's Office

    Michael giving a lecture with Pam sitting behind him in "The Office"

    3. Jim and Pam Fight

    Pam sitting at her desk in "The Office"

    2. Michael Dumps Pam's Mom

    Michael and Helene sitting together in "The Office"

    1. Scott's Tots

    Michael smiling awkwardly with his thumbs up in a classroom with other clapping students in "The Office"

    Do you agree with this list? Were there any other awkward Office moments we missed? Please let us know in the comments section below.