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    Kate McKinnon's 22 Greatest Characters On "Saturday Night Live"

    She really is a chameleon.

    Kate McKinnon has been dominating Saturday Night Live for years thanks to her variety of hilarious characters and impressions.

    Kate McKinnon holding her Emmy Award for her performance on "Saturday Night Live"

    22. The Dancing Lady

    Kate McKinnon dressed as an old lady, dancing on a Central Park bench next to a group of musicians in "Saturday Night Live"

    21. Penélope Cruz

    Kate McKinnon impersonating Penélope Cruz with Sofia Vergara and Jason Sudeikis in "Saturday Night Live"

    20. Dr. Wenowdis

    Kate McKinnon as Dr. Wenowdis on Weekend Update in "Saturday Night Live"

    19. Cecilia Gimenez

    Kate McKinnon impersonating Cecilia Gimenez on Weekend Update in "Saturday Night Live"

    18. Shannon Delgado

    Kate McKinnon as Shannon Delgado in a cursed mirror in "Saturday Night Live"

    17. Wilbur Ross

    Kate McKinnon as Wilbur Ross on "Meet the Press" in "Saturday Night Live"

    16. The Devil

    Kate McKinnon as the Devil in Hell with her minions on "Saturday Night Live"

    15. Jodie Foster

    Kate McKinnon as Jodie Foster in her home in "Saturday Night Live"

    14. Olya Povlatsky

    Kate McKinnon as Olya Povlatsky on Weekend Update in "Saturday Night Live"

    13. Kellyanne Conway

    Kate McKinnon as Kellywise the Dancing Clown in a storm drain in "Saturday Night Live"

    12. Justin Bieber

    Kate McKinnon dressed as Justin Bieber on "Family Feud" in "Saturday Night Live"

    11. Angela Merkel

    Kate McKinnon as Angela Merkel on Weekend Update in "Saturday Night Live"

    10. Barbara DeDrew

    Kate McKinnon as Barbara DeDrew next to her girlfriend (Kristen Wiig) in their cat store in "Saturday Night Live"

    9. Lindsey Graham

    Kate McKinnon as Lindsey Graham in the Supreme Court in "Saturday Night Live"

    8. Ellen DeGeneres

    Kate McKinnon as Ellen DeGeneres on the set of "Ellen" in "Saturday Night Live"

    7. Jeff Sessions

    Kate McKinnon as Jeff Session behind a podium in "Saturday Night Live"

    6. Elizabeth Warren

    Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren in front of her supporters and an American flag in "Saturday Night Live"

    5. Ruth Bader Ginsberg

    Kate McKinnon as Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Weekend Update in "Saturday Night Live"


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    4. Debette Goldry

    Kate McKinnon as Debette Goldry and Melissa McCarthy as Gaye Fontaine in "Saturday Night Live"

    3. Hillary Clinton

    Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton behind a podium in "Saturday Night Live"

    2. Colleen Rafferty

    Kate McKinnon sitting down as Ms. Rafferty in "Saturday Night Live"

    1. Rudy Giuliani

    Kate McKinnon as Rudy Giuliani behind a desk in "Saturday Night Live"

    Do you agree with this list? Were there any other Kate McKinnon characters that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.