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    Jon Snow Will Return In His Own Show, Set After "Game Of Thrones"

    He's died before, and it looks as if he will return again.

    HBO has announced that a series focusing on Jon Snow after the events of Game of Thrones is currently in development, with Kit Harrington set to reprise his iconic role.

    Jon speaking to a crowd with Sansa and some Free Folk behind him in "Game of Thrones"

    Following the divisive final season of the original series, it looks as if Harington and HBO are ready to return to Westeros and continue Jon's epic story where it left off.

    The last time we saw Jon, he was traveling beyond the Wall after being forced to rejoin the Night's Watch for murdering Daenerys Targaryen.

    Jon riding a horse North of the Wall in "Game of Thrones"

    It seemed that Jon was destined to rule the Seven Kingdoms, given his true identity as Aegon Targaryen, so audiences were understandably disappointed by his fate at the end of the series. However, a sequel could finally give this character the ending he deserves.

    With multiple other spinoffs in the works and a prequel series coming out in August, it looks as if HBO is planning to create an expanded universe for Game of Thrones similar to what Disney+ is doing with Star Wars.

    Arya, Jon, and Sansa standing in the snow in "Game of Thrones"

    And if this series will follow Jon north of the Wall, who knows what kind of foes he'll have to face? Will he battle rogue members of the Free Folk? Assassins seeking vengeance for Daenerys? Or maybe another ancient threat more dangerous than the White Walkers? We could even see the return of beloved characters like Sansa, Arya, Bran, and even Tyrion.

    Though it's been about three years since Game of Thrones ended, Harington has continued to play prominent roles, including as Dane Whitman/Black Knight in Marvel Studios' Eternals and the titular role in the National Theatre's production of Henry V.

    Dane and Sersi staring at something in "Eternals"

    After all the pressure and struggles of starring in GoT, especially in such frigid filming conditions, one would think Harington was ready to leave Westeros behind and move on to greener pastures. But it looks as if he's not done with Jon Snow just yet.

    Headshot of Kit Harington

    What do you think of this news? Are you excited to see Jon Snow again? Please let me know in the comments section below.