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    20 Best One-Liners In Netflix's "The Adam Project"

    "Time travel exists. You just don't know it yet."

    Shawn Levy's latest sci-fi adventure has enough one-liners and self-burns to make your entire family laugh all the way through.

    Adult Adam talking to Laura in "The Adam Project"/Young Adam looking up at Adult Adam by a lake in "The Adam Project"

    20. Young Adam: "Who talks like that? Did you order like a Bully Starter Kit on Amazon or somethin'?"

    Young Adam being held up against the wall by a bully in "The Adam Project"

    19. Ellie: "I don't think it's a date." / Young Adam: "Your dress thinks it's a date."

    Ellie talking to Young Adam in their house in "The Adam Project"

    18. Ellie: "It's the third time you've been suspended for fighting." / Young Adam: "I know. You'd think I'd be better at it by now."

    Young Adam sitting in his mom's car in "The Adam Project"

    17. Adult Adam: "Yeah, well, when a bad idea is the only idea, it becomes a great idea." / Young Adam: "Who said that?" / Adult Adam: "You. Nine years from now, right before you get arrested."

    Young and Adult Adam walking up a staircase together in "The Adam Project"

    16. Adult Adam: "Shut the physics fountain in your face!"

    Adult Adam arguing with Louis in "The Adam Project"

    15. Adult Adam: "When I say 'classified,' what does your brain hear? Chocolate?"

    Adult Adam talking to his younger self in the bathroom in "The Adam Project"

    14. Ellie: "Babies are pure love. They grow into teenagers, who grow into being assassins of happiness."

    Ellie sitting at a bar in "The Adam Project"

    13. Adult Adam: "It's not a multiverse! My god, we watched too many movies."

    Adult Adam in the cockpit of his time jet in "The Adam Project"

    12. Adult Adam: "If I wanted to hurt you, I'd have done it already. Because if I'm being perfectly honest with myself, you have a very punchable face."

    Adult Adam talking to his younger self in the kitchen in "The Adam Project"

    11. Young Adam: "I'm gonna take my eyes and ears for a walk."

    Young Adam taking a bite out of a carrot in "The Adam Project"

    10. Young Adam: "Everyone is twice my size. I've seen babies bigger than me."

    Young Adam talking in his mom's car in "The Adam Project"

    9. Adult Adam: "Teenage boys are horrible. It's like living with a urinal cake that yells at you."

    Adult Adam sitting at a bar in "The Adam Project"

    8. Adult Adam: "You shaved my ass with a Subaru!"

    Adult Adam and Louis standing next to a wrecked Subaru in "The Adam Project"

    7. Adult Adam: "On the bright side, your face now matches your soul."

    Adult Adam talking to Christos in "The Adam Project"

    6. Young Adam: "God, it's like I traded my brains for those muscles. It's a s*** deal."

    Young Adam looking up at Adult Adam by a lake in "The Adam Project"

    5. Laura: "Cute kid." / Adult Adam: "Precious, isn't he? Don't you just want to hold him underwater until the bubbles stop? Oh, I frickin' hate myself."

    Adult Adam talking to Laura in "The Adam Project"

    4. Young Adam: "You have a wonderful mouth mullet. You must be proud."

    Ellie and Adam talking to Derek in "The Adam Project"

    3. Adult Adam: I will pull bones out of your body. I will sharpen them. And I will use them to stab little Chuckie over here.

    Adult Adam holding his childhood bully up against a wall in "The Adam Project"

    2. Young Adam: "Superhero landing."

    Young Adam doing a superhero landing with a lightsaber in "The Adam Project"

    1. Louis: "Is that my jacket? Looks tight on you…like a condom with buttons."

    Young and Adult Adam walking with Louis outside in "The Adam Project"

    What did you think of The Adam Project? Were there any one-liners that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.