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    The 12 Best Moments From "The Matrix Resurrections"

    Neo's still got it.

    The long-awaited fourth film in The Matrix series is finally here, and it delivers on its promise.

    The Analyst sitting in his office in "The Matrix Resurrections"/Morpheus in "The Matrix Resurrections"

    With so many beloved characters returning, there are so many awesome moments that make this film an excellent addition to the franchise. And so, let's go back down the rabbit hole and take a look at the 12 best moments from The Matrix Resurrections.


    12. Taking the Blue Pills

    Neo looking at himself in the mirror while holding a blue pill in "The Matrix Resurrections"

    11. Neo Reunites With Trinity

    Trinity looking at Neo in a coffee shop in "The Matrix Resurrections"

    10. Trinity Makes Her Choice

    Trinity looking away from Chad in the coffee shop in "The Matrix Resurrections"

    9. Neo Takes the Red Pill (Again)

    Neo and Bugs entering a room with footage of a younger Neo and Trinity behind them in "The Matrix Resurrections"

    8. Train Swarm

    A closeup of a woman's eye as she enters "swarm" mode in "The Matrix Resurrections"

    7. The Analyst Reveals Himself

    The Analyst talking to Neo in "The Matrix Resurrections"

    6. Fight in the Simulatte

    trinity screaming in a trailer for the movie

    5. The Opening

    Morpheus running down a hall with Bugs in midair and upside down in "The Matrix Resurrections"

    4. Office Shootout

    Morpheus firing guns down a hall with the sprinkles on in "The Matrix Resurrections"

    3. Swarm Chase

    Neo and Trinity riding on a motorcycle through the city in "The Matrix Resurrections"

    2. Trinity Flies

    Neo and Trinity jumping off a building in "The Matrix Resurrections"

    1. Anderson and Smith

    Neo and Smith about to punch each other in "The Matrix Resurrections"

    Do you agree with this list? Were there any moments from the film that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.