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    14 Things We Can Expect To See In "Dune: Part Two"

    The future is full of possibilities.

    The successful release of Dune: Part One has set the stage for its sequel to touch down in 2023.

    Paul and Jessica in stillsuits in "Dune"/Jessica with Fremen symbols painted on her face in "Dune"
    Warner Bros. / Via HBO Max

    Director Denis Villeneuve only scratched the surface of Frank Herbert's grand sci-fi epic, which he plans to explore more in his upcoming sequel. With so much more on the horizon for the franchise, let's take a look at the "14 Things We Can Expect To See In Dune: Part Two."


    14. Two-Year Time Jump

    Paul and Jessica in stillsuits in "Dune"
    Warner Bros. / Via HBO Max

    It's understandable that the story would skip forward a couple of years, as it gives Paul (Timothée Chalamet) and Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) enough time to adjust to their new lives among the Fremen. It also allows Paul to gain better control over his precognitive powers as he grows into his role as the leader of the Fremen. Given that Part Two is set to release two years from now, it makes sense that the filmmakers will decide to preserve the book's timeline.

    13. The Baron's New Mentat

    Hawat with white eyes, running calculations in his head, in "Dune"
    Warner Bros. / Via HBO Max

    You were probably left wondering what happened to Leto's "computer man," Thufir Hawat (Stephen McKinley Henderson). You'll be happy to know that he survived the Harkonnen invasion of Arrakis. However, in the book, he was forced to serve the Baron (Stellan Skarsgard) as his new Mentat after his previous one, Piter De Vries (David Dastmalchian), was killed by Duke Leto's (Oscar Isaac) poison gas. Fortunately, he worked to sabotage the Harkonnens from within.

    12. Gurney Halleck Returns

    Gurney Halleck waiting on Caladan in "Dune"
    Warner Bros. / Via HBO Max

    You might also be wondering what became of Josh Brolin's character, Gurney Halleck. Don't worry, he survived the invasion of Arrakis as well. Though we last saw him storming into battle against the Harkonnens, the film left his fate ambiguous. In the book, he ends up taking the Han Solo route and becoming a smuggler during the two-year time jump before reuniting with Paul and Jessica.

    11. Paul Changes His Name

    The desert mouse standing on the sand in "Dune"
    Warner Bros. / Via HBO Max

    Part One had a habit of portraying a small desert mouse on Arrakis throughout the film, but this is no minor detail. Paul will eventually change his name as he becomes fully indoctrinated into Fremen society. While still preserving his first name, Paul decides to name himself after the desert mouse: the Muad'Dib. It may seem like an odd choice for Paul, but the mouse's wise and resilient nature on the planet Arrakis makes it a fitting moniker for the Fremen messiah.

    10. The Baron's Other Nephew

    Sting dressed as "Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen" from David Lynch's "Dune"
    Nancy Moran / Sygma via Getty Images

    Audiences have already been introduced to Dave Bautista as the Baron's fearsome nephew, Glossu "Beast" Rabban. But the Baron has another nephew waiting behind the curtain: Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen (he's the guy that Sting played in David Lynch's film). The Baron plans to have his younger nephew replace Rabban as ruler of Arrakis, hoping to make him more popular with the masses than the iron-fisted Rabban. Feyd will even act as Paul's final opponent in a battle that will determine the fate of the universe.

    9. Rabban's Death

    Glossu "Beast" Rabban looking out on Arrakis in "Dune"
    Warner Bros. / Via HBO Max

    Speaking of Rabban, some of you might have hoped for more out of Dave Bautista's villainous character. But you should know that in the book, Rabban has a brutal and fitting death. After Paul and the Fremen reclaim Arrakis from the Harkonnens, Rabban is decapitated by the Fremen and the Arrakeen people that he oppressed for so long. Brutal.

    8. Paul Rides a Sandworm

    Paul and Jessica standing beneath a sandworm in "Dune"
    Warner Bros. / Via

    In his journey to becoming leader of the Fremen, Paul will eventually learn to ride a sandworm like one of them. We've only caught a short glimpse of a Fremen riding one of these great beasts at the end of Part One, but this is definitely a lead-up to Paul riding one like Daenerys Targaryen flies on one of her dragons. 

    7. Paul and Chani's Future

    Paul and Chani about to kiss in "Dune"
    Warner Bros. / Via HBO Max

    We saw visions of Paul and Zendaya's Chani becoming a romantic couple, and the second film should see that come to fruition. In the book, Chani actually ends up bearing Paul's son, Leto II, who is, unfortunately, killed during the Baron's attack on a Fremen outpost. 

    6. Paul's Sister Is Born

    Jessica holding her baby daughter in "Dune"
    Warner Bros. / Via HBO Max

    Paul also foresaw that his mother, Jessica, was pregnant with another child, who will become an important character in the story. In the book, Paul's sister, Alia, was born with his mother's powers after the latter drinks the Water of Life. Alia is a remarkable character in the Dune universe, as she's able to think and talk like an adult at the age of 2. 

    5. The Baron's Demise

    Baron Harkonnen sitting in his throne room in "Dune"
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    Though Baron Harkonnen managed to elude death in Part One, he will surely face it in the sequel. After all the terrible things the Baron did to Paul and his family, in the book, he ended up being assassinated by Paul's sister, his own granddaughter, Alia. However, his death will allow his nephew, Feyd-Rautha, to inherit his throne, setting him up as the final antagonist of the story.

    4. Paul's Prescience Grows

    Paul with blue eyes, a knife, and golden armor in "Dune"
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    As the Kwisatz Haderach, Paul is able to have visions of the future, which we've seen plenty of in Part One. His visions only grow more powerful after being exposed to the spice on Arrakis, but he seeks to strengthen them even more. After failing to foresee an attempt on his mother's life, Paul drinks the Water of Life to enhance his powers. But since the substance is toxic to males, he ends up falling into a coma for several weeks before awakening to his full potential.

    3. The Emperor Joins the Fight

    A giant starship orbiting Caladan in "Dune"
    Warner Bros. / Via HBO Max

    Though Emperor Shaddam IV lent the Baron his legions of Sardaukar for his invasion of Arrakis, he still tried to keep his involvement in the conflict secret. But in the book, he and the Baron eventually sent in fleets around Arrakis to try and suppress the Fremen rebellion. This will no doubt lead to an epic Lord of the Rings-style battle between the Fremen, the Harkonnens, and the Emperor's forces.

    2. Paul Becomes Emperor

    Paul staring at the sun on Caladan in "Dune"
    Warner Bros. / Via HBO Max

    In Herbert's novel, after defeating the Harkonnens and confronting Emperor Shaddam IV, Paul successfully persuades him to relinquish his throne in exchange for his daughter, Princess Irulan's hand in marriage. This action is hinted at in Part One, with Paul arguing that this can end Shaddam's rule over the universe while preventing war between the Great Houses.

    1. Paul Loses Control of the Fremen

    Fremen soldiers cheering on Caladan in "Dune"
    Warner Bros. / Via HBO Max

    In a surprising downer ending, the book ends with Paul, despite gaining control of the Imperium, losing control over the Fremen. His legions thus wage a holy war across the universe, killing millions in his name, just as he foresaw in his visions. It remains unclear how Villeneuve will tackle such a depressing conclusion to this story. But considering his plans to adapt the sequel novel, Messiah, Part Two just might end up being the Empire Strikes Back in the trilogy of Paul Atreides.

    Do you agree with this list? What are you looking forward to in the sequel? Please let us know in the comments section below.