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These Much Loved Franchises Could Spawn The Next Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go started a wave that saw Augmented Reality games come into the spotlight. In the wake of this success, we can’t help but think about other popular IPs that would work well as Augmented Reality games. Here are a few that we think could be the next Pokémon Go.

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The Da Vinci Code

The franchise revolves around the mysterious adventures of Robert Langdon. The idea of stepping into Langdon’s shoes and traveling the world decoding the symbols and iconography to save the world from the hands of the Illuminati is appealing to history buffs as well as fans of the mystery thriller. Scavenger hunts that take players through mazes, catacombs, libraries, crypts and churches serve as perfect source material for AR.

The Harry Potter franchise

Potterheads around the world have already stated that they would love an Augmented Reality game based on the world of Hogwarts and have started up an online petition for the cause. Players can be made to find magical creatures, learn new spells, and duel with friends and enemies alike. They can go on quests for Horcruxes and fight off the forces of dark magic using mobile phones as their trusted magic wands.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Crash Bandicoot are prime IP for Augmented Reality and can make for a really fun experience. Imagine your dining table as an obstacle course for either of these supersonic rodents with them running, jumping and ducking their way across your halls. Sega has already experimented in AR with its interactive iPhone app allowing users to ‘catch the blue blur’ with a campaign by J.Walter Thompson (JWT) for Sonic the Hedgehogs 20th anniversary and surely sees potential for the IP in Augmented Reality.

The adventures of Tin Tin

He is everyone’s favourite reporter and adventurer. The comics and cartoon series were widely well received and read and he remains a favourite literary detective. An AR game revolving around his life could see players stepping into Tin Tin’s shoes and chasing down clues that are scattered across real world locations. The IP is popular for exploring exotic locations and cultures and is suited to an AR game based on travel and adventure.

Delta T 'Timetravel gameverse'


Every Whovian’s dream come true. Delta T is an AR game based on the concept of time travel, more specifically on that of ‘reverse timelines’ where even a small change in the past can drastically affect the future magnified by the ‘Butterfly effect’. The game is based on a battle between four Megacorporations each with their own patent tech and vision for the future of the human race.

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