Anthony Rubio

Anthony Rubio Award Winning Dog Fashion Designer
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  • Canine Edition: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club

    Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio was inspired by the outfits of The Beatles 1967 concept album titled Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba are wearing replicas of Paul McCartney and George Harrison’s outfits from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band all created by Anthony Rubio.

  • What Dreams May Come - Canine Edition

    “What Dreams May Come” by Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio Chihuahua Kimba is wearing a kimono design depicting a beautiful bird flying over paradise featuring hand sewn flora, pearls and crystals strategically placed to create a symmetrical portrait of nature. Inspired by the Robin Williams film. . Photo by Photography by yoni. Thank You Yoni Levy. Instagram:

  • 2015 Flower Show In Philly

    Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio had the pleasure of attending Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s 2015 Flower Show Black Tie Preview Gala. The theme is “Celebrate the Movies”. Inspired by the films by Disney and Pixar. The exhibition is now open to the public until March 8th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA (Philly).

  • Chihuahua Wearing Sequined Python Print Tuxedo and Top Hat

    Fashion is so interpretive and when I want to guide the eye of the appraiser I seek out interesting concepts to photograph my creations. Sometimes I dress up the outfits with jewelry or accessories but to best appreciate the quality and comfort of my work its best to keep it simple. We decided to rephotograph my sequined Python print tuxedo and top hat on Kimba keeping it simple utilizing an interestingly editorial set up and here is the fabulous result. Created by Anthony Rubio for

  • Chihuahuas In Their Winter Coats in NYC

    Snug As a Bug In A Rug… Kimba and Bogie love these faux Alpaca plush coats adorned with jeweled embroidery of metallic gold, yellow and white with hand sewn crystals The best feature is the light weight. And flexibility. Created by Anthony Rubio.

  • Happy 4th Of July - Canine Edition

    Happy Independence Day! with Anthony Rubio & Chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba Anthony Rubio with Chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba celebrating Fourth of July holiday. Happy Fourth of July! Happy Independence Day! Chihuahua Bogie commemorate Fourth of July. All designs by Anthony Rubio for Bandit Rubio Designs.

  • King Of Pop Michael Jackson - Canine Edition

    Pet Fashion Designer Anthony Rubio’s tribute of the King Of Pop Michael Jackson on the 5th Anniversary of his passing. Canine model Bogie, a Chihuahua as Michael Jackson. Hat, suit and oufit on Bubbles by Anthony Rubio Designs. Photo by Yoni Levy. #KingOfPop #MichaelJackson #5thAnniversary

  • Chihuahuas At The 2014 Puerto Rican Day Parade

    Anthony Rubio with Chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba at the 2014 National Puerto Rican Day Parade. At the world recognized 57th Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade while marching in celebration of our oh so rich heritage Bogie and Kimba were so well received. The crowd loved the boys wearing the traditional vejigante masks and their outfits which I created commemorating The Island Of Enchantment. #PuertoRicanDayParade #NYC #NPRDP2014 #Wepa #PRparade #PRparadeNYC

  • 12th Annual Paws For Style - Dogs Walk The Catwalk

    Anthony Rubio with Chihuahua Kimba attend Animal Fair Magazine’s 12th Annual Paws For Style benefit. We had a wonderful time at Wendy Diamond’s Paws For Style, a benefit for the Humane Society of New York City held at Pacha NYC. My Chihuahua Kimba wore his new specially designed baby blue couture tuxedo with matching top hat by Anthony Rubio Designs. #Paws4Style #PawsForStyle

  • Cute Dogs In Sunglasses

    Anthony Rubio’s Chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba in their sunglasses enjoying a beautiful day in New York City. #DogsInSunglasses #CuteDogs

  • Chihuahuas waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve 2013

    Anthony Rubio’s Chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Its the night before Christmas and my precocious Chihuahuas had cooked up a plan to see Santa Paws when he would arrive. Bogie and Kimba got dressed and set out a plate of their favorite cookies with a glass of milk. They snuggled under their tree in their sofa but guess what happened? they fell asleep.

  • 2013 Mermaid Parade In New York

    Anthony Rubio with his Chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba as Sea Dogs at the 2013 Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn, New York on June 22, 2013. . Exciting day participating in the historical 2013 31st Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Captain Anthony Rubio and his sea dogs Bogie and Kimba at full attention.

  • Chihuahuas in Chinoiserie

    Anthony Rubio, Pet Couturier designed these satin ensembles each with their own coordinating hand made hat for his Chinoiserie Collection modeled here by Celebripups / Couture Dogs Bogie and Kimba. Photo by Yoni Levy.

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