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Three Funny Classic Posters You May Still See Around Today

Hundreds of gimmick posters have circulated the internet since it began. It takes someone special, however, to create a poster that people actually want to replicate and put up themselves. I have spotted all three of these on near by telephone poles.

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  • Angry Hornet

    Angry Hornet is a classic, and people love to put them up because it's a super easy poster to replicate. It's all just text and creating a bulge.

  • CAT FOUND !!!!

    CAT FOUND!!!! is a very popular poster to recreate. It's easy, funny, and you almost always get a response saying THAT'S NOT A CAT.

  • Hopkin Green Frog

    This poster became popular online because of the obvious determination of whoever put it up. Internet users imagined an enraged five year old rampaging about the neighborhood looking for his Hopkin Green Frog.