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Ten Awesome and Unique Pets

Disclaimer: I never said any of these are easy to get. Everyone seems to want to show off their new cat at dinner parties and social gatherings, so why not take it an extra step higher and show off your awesome exotic animal?

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  • 1. Skunk

    Yes, they can be domesticated. It’s not completely legal in some places, but with a permit you can own a skunk in a variety of states and countries. Many baby skunks have their spray glands removed after being abandoned as babies and found by shelter crew. Skunks are apparently more intelligent and curious that cats, loving and affectionate animals.

  • 2. Boar

    Found all over the world, the common boar is often used as a pet by farmers. Needless to say, they often turn into bacon, but if found as piglets they can be hand reared into being loving pets. Although they are not an indoor animal, they are fairly easy to take care of and will eat just about anything – great as a garbage disposal.

  • 3. Hermit Crab

    Low maintenance and awesome looking, hermit crabs are a cool look-what-I-can-do pets. It is super simple to train them to walk on and off your hand, and can easily be picked up and attached to your shirt. Imagine walking around with one of these bad boys on your shoulder! Taking care of them is as easy as giving them a fish tank, a chunk of fresh fruit a day and spraying them with a bit of water to keep them moist.

  • 4. Vulture

    Completely illegal but come on… they’re pretty awesome. Vultures are impossible to get a hold of unless you find one at a wildlife recovery center, and even then they are very tentative to give them away. Large and menacing looking, vultures take a lot of space to shelter and require road kill to eat. Unless you’re a celebrity or you work at a wildlife center, good luck getting a hold of one of these guys. (I still want one)

  • 5. Bearded Dragon

    Bearded dragons are super easy to take care of, and they look cool. They are basically the ultimate classroom pet – hardy, attracts attention, isn’t vicious, works well with kids and will eat a wide variety of foods. If you like reptiles, this awesome lizard would make a great best friend. They’ll eat simple things like various greens, or live crickets, it’s up to you.

  • 6. Possum

    Annoying, hard to find and difficult to take care of, possums make terrible pets! But think about the look on your girlfriends face when you introduce her to your cute new possum! They are much harder to take care of than dogs, have very specific dietary requirements, are not as loyal and take more attention than an infant child for the first few months of their life! But aren’t they CUTE?

  • 7. Turkey

    I had nightmares about these things as a kid. Screw guard dogs, get a turkey. Honestly I’d be screaming and running if one of these came up a drive way after me. Big and angry looking, turkeys give off a don’t-f*ck-with-me demeanor. All of those guys carrying snakes around their necks have it all wrong; if you want to be a tough guy, put one of these on a leash. (I wouldn’t advise trying to put one around your neck.)

  • 8. Axolotl

    Adorable, loving and fairly easy to take care of, Axolotl’s make perfect pets. Also called Mexican Walking Fish or Water Dogs, they in fact act more like a dog than a fish. I think a fish stops being a fish when they gain the ability to walk and chew their food. Axolotl’s are fairly blind and are more than likely to try to eat any other fish that you put them in a tank with, as well as take a nip at your fingers when you feed it (don’t worry, they don’t have teeth.)

  • 9. Anteater

    Anteaters are affectionate, intelligent pets. You can take them for walks much like a dog, give them climbing posts like a cat, and feed them cheez wiz like your younger brother. What more could you want? With a long nose and quirky ears, they’re most likely more fun to look at than your sibling too! Getting a hold of an anteater, however, takes much more effort.


    Much better than a regular dog.