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    Sexist Australian Prime Minister Declares Himself Minister For Women

    It is now conservative Tony Abbott's responsibility to decide what action (if any) the government will take to help Australian women.

    In case you're not aware, Tony Abbott won the Australian election and people weren't very happy about it. As the smoke cleared and Australia finally began to calm down, Tony Abbott decided to be even more of a dick - he appointed himself Minister for Women. He claims that this will put the heart of the government closer to women's issues... but a lot of Australians are dubious about Abbott's views on those issues.

    If you're not sure why this is such a big deal, or why everyone's freaking out about it, look no further Jess Dudfield (Tumblr user ghost-of-enid). She's done us the favour of juxtaposing Tony Abbott's Minister For Women title with actual words that have come out of his mouth… and it's not pretty. The result is sad and hilarious.

    No, this is not a joke. All quotes are real - sources (and more!) can be found here.