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Delicious Looking Soap

Is it just me, or is soap beginning to look like food? Check out these soaps that look like they might just be a delicious piece of cake, or some other form of dessert. Or maybe I should just start eating breakfast.

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  • 1. Cold Process Vegan Soap

    It looks like cake! I swear. link.

  • 2. London Lemon Curd

    Looks like it could be some poppy seed cake or something like that. link.

  • 3. French Milled Vanilla and Roses

    Chocolate? link.

  • 4. Heirloom Tomato

    Looks like candy to me. link.

  • 5. Strawberry Swirl

    Mmmm cotton candy. link.

  • 6. Lemongrass Sage

    More chocolate?link.

  • 7. Oatmeal and Honey

    Oat bar. I think they sell these at Starbucks. link.

  • 8. Lemon Parfait

    Are you sure this isn't actually some form of dessert? link.

  • 9. Japanese Cherry Blossom

    Jello! link.

  • 10. Choco-Mint

    Ice cream bars! link. All soaps on this list are for sale on Etsy, someone should buy them and tell me how they taste. Writing this has also made me uncomfortably hungry.