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Blogs With Book Deals

Remember when being a published author meant being able to write well, and working hard on a novel? Those days are long gone. Here are 10 blogs that now have published books, some available in book stores.

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  • 1. F My Life

    F My Life is a blog of stories about true, terrible things happening to real people. Most of them are absolutely hilarious.

  • 2. I Can Has Cheezburger? is very well known as "that site with the lolcats." Instead of looking at them for free, you can buy a book now.

  • 3. Awkward Family Photos

    Awkward Family Photos is a site I really appreciate, because frankly it's hilarious. This would be a great coffee table/ party book to leave around for friends (unless you're featured in it.)

  • 4. Look At This F*cking Hipster

    Look At This F*cking Hipster is a site you can go to laugh at ridiculous looking hipsters. As an alternative, you could just live in Williamsburg.

  • 5. Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves

    Over 150 suicidal pets! What more could you want? is a website full of saddened looking pets in costumes. Adorable!

  • 6. Regretsy

    Retretsy is a site which documents horrible and unfortunate items found on the popular craft site Etsy. The book, I assume, does the same.

  • 7. Fail Blog

    Fail Blog is a blog that's been around forever, where pictures of people failing at life are posted. Pretty funny.

  • 8. Cake Wrecks

    Cake Wrecks posts pictures of cakes that have gone terribly wrong. Strange designs and horrible lettering are a must.

  • 9. Emails From An Asshole

    Emails From An Asshole is pretty much a book written by a guy who sends emails to people just trying to piss them off. Seriously, most of it's hilarious.

  • 10. Passive Aggresive Notes

    Passive Aggressive Notes has rather hostile notes that people leave. Most of it is pretty hilarious. No disrespect intended for any blog posted here, or any other blog with a book deal.