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Air New Zealand Has The Best In-Flight Safety Videos

Bear Grylls, Richard Simmons, naked people... those kiwis know exactly what you want to watch.

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An Unexpected Briefing

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This one's pretty great - Air NZ paired up with WETA Workshop to create a Hobbit inspired video starring a bunch of airline crew dressed as miscellaneous residents of Middle Earth. It also has some cameos, including the cast of The Hobbit and (of course) Sir Peter Jackson.

All Blacks

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When the world flocked to Auckland a few years ago for the Rugby World Cup, Air NZ decided to show off one of New Zealand's most valued assets - the All Blacks.

Mile-High Madness With Richard Simmons

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I.... yeah. I don't know what to say. Just watch it.

Bear Grylls

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Air NZ's most recent addition is a Bear Grylls safety video, which includes him chasing a man dressed as a Moa through the NZ wilderness.

Best: The Bare Essentials

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Probably their most well known video, "The Bare Essentials" features the Air NZ crew naked, wearing only body paint.

Worst: Rico The Raccoon

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Someone thought it was a good idea to create a perverted puppet raccoon and make him the mascot. I think most people are trying to pretend that this never happened - it received quite a bit of negative press. Luckily, this is the only terrible video they have, so I think we can forgive them for it!

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