10 Reasons Why Bears Are The Biggest Jerks Of 2014

This year, bears have been terrorizing children and vandalizing property like it’s nobody’s business.

Summer: hot weather, shorts, swimming… also, BEARS. Sure, you can call their antics cute, but this June bears have been the absolute worst.

1. They’ve crashed parties.

2. They’ve ruined Canada for EVERYONE.

Via cbc.ca

3. They’ve shopped at Wal-Mart.

4. They’ve failed to take a subtle hint.

5. They’ve stalked and terrified innocent Canadians.

6. They’ve trespassed.

trumbulltimes.com / Via Trumbull Times

7. Actually, they’ve done a lot of trespassing.

8. They’ve stolen poptarts.

9. They’ve bullied children.

10. They’ve super chill but REALLY SCARY.

Well, at least they know how to have fun?

buzzfeed.com / Via Tom Phillips

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